State Grid Taibai County power supply company to carry out qingming Festival memorial martyrs activities

2022-06-24 0 By

Report from our correspondent (Yang Dongshi correspondent Han Linqiang) In 2022 Tomb-sweeping Day approaching, On April 2, the State Grid Taibai County power supply company organized power employees to carry out memorial martyrs theme activities.The theme of the event is “Remembering the martyrs and keeping the original aspiration, firm faith and walking with the Party”.In the activity, more than 10 electric power employees with a very veneration mood, in taibai County in front of a monument to the martyrs bow, a moment of silence, to the martyrs presented flowers.After the ceremony, the young members took spontaneous action to clean up the environmental sanitation of the martyrs cemetery in the form of volunteer service, wipe the tombstones of martyrs, remove weeds and garbage, and carry forward the great revolutionary spirit with practical action.”In my opinion, to stand up for the interests of the country, the people and the collective at the critical moment and make great sacrifices or even sacrifice their lives is the real hero, the model to learn from and the brightest star in the starry sky that our young generation should admire and worship.”Li Yaqi, a young employee, spoke of the common aspirations of young employees.In addition, in order to enrich the connotation of the company’s spiritual civilization construction, to ensure the epidemic prevention and control and Tomb-sweeping Day memory of the martyrs “both wrong”, the company also through the network initiative, in the form of “online” to carry out the “pay tribute to 2022 commitment, dream – online memorial martyrs” action, the majority of electric power employees actively participate,Through online flowers, online bow, messages and other forms of expression of the revolutionary martyrs memorial feelings, and strive to cultivate the power employees patriotic consciousness and feelings of the country.[If you have news clue, welcome to report to us. News pay attention to northwest Information Wechat official account (XBXXBWX) leave a message or add editor wechat account: y609235490/18292963986 Submit email:]