Li Xiaopeng, who lost to Japan 0-2, may quit the national team after the round of 12

2022-06-24 0 By

Before the game there are many media said that the National football team will play three central defenders, did not expect Li Xiaopeng is hoarding midfield, played four back, surprising is Zheng Zheng to the left back, Wang Shanchao played the position of the back, with Xu Xin, li Xiaopeng frontcourt sent love Junmin.Never thought after successful defense, junmin hao ball failed attempts to anyone, even to immediately by Japanese players see through, and can choose junmin hao starting effect is not ideal, originally wanted to use his technique can hold the ball in midfield, but and shine in the league than a few years ago, taken a clear, speed and power are not too big advantage.Considering that this is one of the few players in the Chinese national team who has overseas experience, and he was the first one to be removed from the field in the second half, I am afraid that Hao Junmin will gradually fade out of the Chinese national team after the round of 12.