Henan took 10 measures to help small and micro business enterprises and individual businesses

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In macro net henan February 9 (xinhua Chen intern reporter Yin Qian) on February 9, a reporter from henan province government information office held a news conference, according to henan’s “support the development of the small business enterprise is individual and industrial and commercial door recovery measures”, from tax cuts JiangFei, stabilizing and optimizing business environment ten aspects such as support,We will help small and micro businesses and individual businesses recover from difficulties.In cutting taxes and fees, we implemented preferential tax policies such as reducing income tax for small, low-margin commercial enterprises and accelerating the depreciation of fixed assets.Commercial and trade enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households with monthly sales of less than 150,000 yuan of VAT are exempted from VAT.From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, VAT shall be levied on the taxable sales income of 3% tax rate reduced by 1% tax rate for small-scale VAT payers’ commercial and commercial enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.For small-scale VAT payers, commercial and commercial enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households can reduce resource tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, real estate tax, urban land use tax, stamp tax (excluding stamp tax on securities transactions), farmland occupation tax, education surcharge and local education surcharge within 50% of the tax.Small and micro business enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that meet the conditions for tax rebates should be withdrawn as far as possible and should be withdrawn quickly.We will accelerate the progress of VAT refunds and ensure that eligible enterprises receive tax refunds in a timely manner.On the policy of helping enterprises stabilize employment, we will continue to implement the policy of lowering unemployment insurance premiums and workers’ compensation premiums for periods until April 30, 2022.Affected by the epidemic and unable to fully pay work-related injury insurance and unemployment insurance premiums, enterprises can apply for a three-month suspension of payment.In terms of alleviating rent pressure, small and micro commercial enterprises and individual businesses that rent state-owned assets and cannot operate normally due to the impact of the epidemic will be exempted from rent for three months and halved for six months.For those who rent non-state-owned assets and cannot operate normally due to the impact of the epidemic, owners (landlords) are encouraged to reduce or postpone the collection of rent on the basis of equal consultation between the two sides. Local governments are encouraged to explore the introduction of rent subsidy policies, and provincial finance will give appropriate awards and subsidies according to the actual total amount of subsidized rent in each region.To reduce water and electricity costs, small and micro commercial enterprises, as well as individual industrial and commercial households, will be allowed to supply water, gas and electricity without stopping when they are overdue, allowing enterprises to pay overdue bills within three months.We launched a campaign to tackle illegal increases in the price of electricity collected on behalf of the government.Encourage local governments to introduce specific policies and guide urban gas enterprises to implement price concessions.In terms of financing services, we have encouraged financial institutions to issue credit loans without mortgage or guarantee, established a green channel for loan approval, and optimized the loan approval process.We will encourage local governments to explore policies to subsidize interest on loans, encourage banking and insurance institutions to develop and provide distinctive financial products, increase the proportion of medium – and long-term loans, and ease financial pressure on small and micro commercial enterprises and individual businesses.Small and micro commercial enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households with development prospects but temporary difficulties shall not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans, or pressure loans.In terms of improving the market expansion capacity of enterprises, we will increase support for small and micro export-oriented enterprises (including cross-border e-commerce enterprises) to expand the international market, and formulate policies and measures to reduce the cost of international logistics.Give full play to the role of the provincial enterprise service information platform, coordinate and promote key network platforms to improve the commission charging mechanism, formulate plans to reduce the commission rate periodically, and safeguard the legitimate interests of small and micro commercial enterprises and individual industrial and commercial businesses within the platform.We will cooperate with large e-commerce platforms to carry out support activities for small and micro business enterprises and individual businesses, provide enterprises with free certification and training services, reduce and exempt operation service charges, provide traffic support, and help enterprises to rapidly expand sales channels. The provincial government will commend platform enterprises with outstanding contributions.To strengthen the support of financial capital, priority services at the provincial level development special funds to support the development of the small business enterprise agglomeration and old scale, organization to carry out the demonstration pedestrian street to upgrade, in the whole province demonstration concentrated area to create new consumption, for a new selection of national pilot pedestrian street, provincial demonstration pedestrian street, new consumer demonstration concentrated area to give cash incentives.In terms of expanding consumer demand and supply, we will support innovative business models in restaurants, chain convenience stores and time-honored brands, and give certain financial rewards to small and micro commercial enterprises that have innovative business models and outstanding business results.We will support local governments in promoting consumption in the form of “government consumption vouchers, platform coupons, and consumer discounts”.The implementation period of the consumption promotion policy set in the Notice of The General Office of the Henan Provincial People’s Government on Effectively Doing a Good job of Post-Disaster Consumption Promotion will be extended from December 31, 2021 to June 30, 2022.All regions coordinate business circles and commercial streets to open large screens to small and micro business enterprises for free at different times to help enterprises promote and promote.In terms of streamlining oversight and approval, we will promote inclusive and prudent oversight, strengthen administrative reminders, guidance and warnings for minor violations of the law that do not involve work safety or epidemic prevention and control, and in principle, no cases will be filed or fines imposed.We will reduce the proportion and frequency of spot checks on small and micro businesses and individual businesses with good credit standing.We will simplify the examination and approval of decoration of retail and catering enterprises and the setting of outdoor advertising facilities, and relax restrictions on outdoor promotional activities.In terms of optimizing the operating environment, the government has carried out an intensive campaign of “helping 10,000 enterprises” to provide regular assistance to enterprises, and actively coordinated solutions to difficulties and problems in their operation.Strengthen policy publicity, strengthen business guidance, improve enterprise policy awareness and declaration convenience, enhance enterprise sense of gain.We will investigate and punish all acts of collecting fees, fines and apportionment arbitrarily, and protect the legitimate business rights and interests of enterprises in accordance with the law.Strictly standardize the construction of municipal engineering road and enclosure, set up reasonable temporary channels, and effectively guarantee the normal operation of merchants along the street.All localities and departments should cooperate closely, earnestly perform their duties, form joint efforts, and promote the implementation of various policies and measures.Editor: CAI Xiaoyu