Engine fuel system cleaning process

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Because the vehicle fuel distribution system is very sophisticated, can not be dismantled.When cleaning the engine fuel system, the engine disassembly cleaning agent should be used, because the disassembly cleaning agent does not need to disassemble the fuel system, on the one hand, it can start to clean the fuel system thoroughly, on the other hand, it is conducive to protecting the engine fuel system.1, open the tank cover, take out the filter cylinder, use the hose to extract most of the fuel inside the tank, leaving about 10 ~ 15 cm deep fuel, and add 80ml ethanol gasoline to replace the cleaning agent, install the filter cylinder and cover the tank cover.2. Disassemble the engine inlet pipe and return pipe, connect the engine inlet pipe and return pipe with the inlet pipe and return pipe of the disassembly cleaning machine, and connect the inlet pipe and return pipe with a special interface to form a loop.3. Add gasoline to the cleaning agent storage tank according to the scale of the oil tank of the disassembly cleaning machine or the number of engine cylinders (100ml gasoline per cylinder), and add 100ml ethanol gasoline to replace the cleaning agent.4, according to the model to adjust the pressure, carburetor car can adjust the appropriate pressure, electric spray car adjust 2-3 pressure.5, start the engine, check whether the inlet and return pipelines leak oil, idle cleaning 15-20 minutes, every 3-5 minutes to increase the throttle, so that the carbon and water cleaning from the exhaust pipe discharge.6, disassemble the cleaning machine and engine inlet and return tubing, restore the oil road of the car, start the car to check whether the oil pipe leaks.7, open the oil tank cover, and take out the filter tube;Connect the air pump with a fine and soft air pipe, insert the hose into the bottom of the tank by the tank mouth, and purge with 3kg/cm of air pressure, so that all kinds of impurities accumulated at the bottom of the tank are washed away by the boiling gasoline.When cleaning, it is recommended to cover the tank opening with a clean cloth and to constantly move the hose purge position.8, when confirming the impurities at the bottom of the tank are blown clean, immediately release all the oil in the tank.It is especially reminded that the oil released from the crude oil tank must be filtered and precipitated before it can be added to the tank.9. Replace the fuel filter (depending on the specific situation).10, add ethanol gasoline or regular gasoline, start the engine, road test.