Duergun distinguished himself in war all his life.Why did he not become emperor?

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Duergun can be said to be the most wronged person in the Qing Dynasty, belong to their throne was taken away twice, obviously their own credit, the last end is very miserable.Duergun had his first chance to inherit the throne, but was taken away by Huangtaiji.Nurhaci did not appoint a successor when he was alive, but among his many sons, his favorite son was Dulgun.When he died, he died in a hurry, and only the eldest concubine Abahai, that is, the biological mother of Dourgun accompanied by the side, and announced nurhaci’s last words, by dourgun succession khan.At this time, however, Dourgun was too young to be overpowered by his power, prestige, and military achievements.Huang Taiji took the opportunity to seize nurhachi’s words when he was alive, that is, to bury princess Abhai.Big concubine Abahai is the most favored nurhachi concubine, but she and Nurhachi’s son Big Baylor good flirting, let Nurhachi very angry, leaving his will, after one hundred years to big princess Abahai martyr.Huangtaiji through this means forced the death of duergun’s mother, at the same time contact all baylor, took the throne of Duergun.Duergun’s second chance to inherit the throne was when Huangtaiji suddenly died.Because Huangtaiji is a sudden death, there was no crown prince, and Duergun is the most qualified to inherit the throne whether it is war or prestige.He served as a general under orders to lead the invasion of the Ming Dynasty in the campaign, is the previous invasion of the Ming Dynasty campaign in the largest military achievements, captured the most.In the conquest of Korea, he showed high political literacy.Even huang Taiji’s two yellow banners had two important generals supporting Duoergun.Huangtaiji’s eldest son Haoge did not have the qualification to compete with Duoergun.However, at this time, most of the generals of the two yellow banners gathered in the Taimiao Temple, and senior generals led by Aobai and others said that if the descendants of Huangtaiji did not inherit the throne, the generals of the two yellow banners would follow the former emperor underground, which meant that everyone would fight all out, and no one would want the throne.If Duoergun forced the throne, then the new manchu regime is facing the danger of complete collapse, Duoergun in order to consider the overall situation, had to put forward by Fulin succession, their own regent, Duoergun lost the throne again.Duergun said also very grievance, he was nurhachi’s favorite, manchu into the pass, his credit is the biggest, but every time because of a variety of reasons, and the throne missed, and finally died young.