The former Disney princess has become an Internet sensation with her sexy moves and fans demanding that she wear character outfits

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A former Disney princess who has gone viral on social media has revealed she still receives strange requests from fans to dress up in Disney costumes when interacting on the online platform.After winning a beauty pageant as a child, Dale.Dare Taylor got a job pretending to be Disney princesses, including Princess Jasmine.But after setting up social media accounts where she could see racy images, Dale was told she couldn’t balance the two jobs.So she plunged into adult modeling, a decision that proved to be lucrative.With the support of more than 275,000 TikTok fans, the model and actress has climbed into the top ranks of premium content creators on the adult sharing site.But in an insider interview with the OnlyFans podcast, Dyer said she really wanted to get out of her Disney role when fans asked for it.”Ninety percent of my followers on the current social media platform are TikTok,” she said, noting that requests to see her cosplay come from people who have seen her clothes on the platform.Dyer highlighted how photos of her on TikTok dressed as Woody, the cowboy from Toy Story, went viral and welcomed fans to ask for more.She said: ‘It went viral and had eight million views, so I was always being asked to dress up as Woody and do sexy things.'”Every time I wear that outfit, it gets a lot of views.”Fans often ask me to jump up and down because they want to see my breasts shake.”During her first coronavirus grounding, Dale took to her Instagram account to pledge to help struggling families.The 22-year-old revealed that she herself went through a difficult upbringing, becoming homeless at 18 when she was kicked out by her stepmother.Dale described how she spent two weeks in her car before deciding to take up modelling full-time to make ends meet.