Put an end to “sissy” and forge “National Soul”

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Put an end to “niang gun” forging the wuhan new 4 phase and in the near future, “the spirit of” notice state administration of radio, television, radio and television agencies and requirements of the network broadcast audio-visual platform shall not idol to develop programs, shall not be broadcast star children to participate in the variety of entertainment and reality TV show, and resolutely put an end to “niang gun”, such as long to play deformity aesthetic.Put an end to “niang gun”, adhere to the right path, men and women, both rigid and soft, landscape harmonious, complement each other, this is the guidance of growth, this is the declaration of life.Nuwa created men to separate men from women. Nature created them, male from female. This was the gift of God.Animals have Yin and Yang, warning humans to take advantage of each, only evolution.Objects have two poles, landscape Yin and Yang, positive and negative electrons, positive and negative ions, only natural, frank, pros and cons of the place.Men and women of different bodies, Yin and Yang attract, can forge more beautiful and better offspring and the most beautiful and optimal era.However, do not know when to start, developed and wealthy modern society, but there are fish eyes mixed beads, Yin and Yang unknown acts, confusing people, the disaster of human nature.Many alien, ear ring ornaments, refers to the warped orchid, painted behavior;Speech warbler yan, look enchanting, coy behavior;Weak and weak.Bring immeasurable to the student growth “demon person” shed poison, bring to people one ground goose flesh “eunuch” effect.As a man, he forgot the magnificent vitality of “sunshine”, “handsome”, “mighty” and “robust”, corrupted the eight or nine o ‘clock sun into eight or nine o ‘clock faint moon, and forgot a song: the girls of Alishan are as beautiful as water, and the young men of Alishan are as strong as mountains, but also forgot the responsibility, atmosphere and magnificence that men need.Men’s feminization and feminization, and the pursuit of “softness and beauty”, will be the disaster of the country and the regression of history. People still remember the eight Banners army, the weak soldiers with two guns, that is the disaster of the country and the people.How can we forget the father of Hua Mulan to join the army of wei An, forget the drag mei Lanfang in the face of The Japanese power, these “niang gun”, can only be strawberry soldiers, silver wax gun.So, “on one day of military training, the fainting rate was 10 percent,” according to the report of 3,600 students from four middle schools in Guangzhou.Before the school began, they unified military training in a training base, every time only 40 minutes of training time, there are always students fainted on the ground or because of injury and went to the school hospital, the fainting rate reached 10%.So how can we expect a bunch of male athletes with blue fingers to win football?How can we expect a bunch of heartless officials to win a trade war with enemy countries?If, our offspring is more and more “niang gun”, how to desert training soul, sand made two bombs, all the firmness will become beer foam.Great China, up and down five thousand years, thousands of miles, the whole Nai has “national soul”, “national soul” is what?National soul is the Chinese nation stands in the world nation forest, “Yue Jun” “Qi Jun” generally also must not shake the “Chinese spirit”!But the spirit of the Long March, the anti-epidemic hero, made contributions to the country, but the national hero, aerospace hero, shining in life of the true, good and beautiful people!What is “national spirit”?Lu Xun said, “Since ancient times, there have been those who work hard, those who work hard, those who beg for the people’s orders, and those who devote themselves to the pursuit of dharma…What is “national spirit”?MAO Zedong said, “a noble person, a pure person, a person who has broken away from vulgar interest.”Luo Xianghe statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.