Shang Yang was cracked: his harm to the Chinese nation is far greater than the cracked car

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Many people believe that Confucianism is the root of China’s ills. This is completely wrong.The thoughts of Confucius and Mencius have never become the mainstream of Chinese politics. China’s autocratic society has always been covered by legalism, whose core is the rule of law to the people, and the core of which is the Book of Shang Junshu.The Secretary of the Lord of Shang contains countless techniques for the rule of darkness.He told the monarch to do what the people did not want to do, to prevent the people from insurrection, to make the people weak, poor, humiliate the people, only in this way to maintain the rule of the monarch, make the sovereign state invincible.Many tragedies in China over the past 2,000 years are related to the dark side of shang Junshu.Shang junshu’s first central idea is the law of the jungle.Shang Yang is the only one in world history who completely defined people and country as opposites.Shang Yang believed that if the king wants to conquer the country, he must first defeat the common people, and the way to defeat the common people is to weaken the people.In Shang Yang’s view, there is a fundamental contradiction between the power of the people and the power of a country.Shang Yang believed that the key to the law of the jungle was to be strong. To eliminate the strong, the rest of the people were naturally weak, and only the weak would be driven by the monarch at will.Shang Yang meant that if the strong beat the strong, the country would perish, and if the weak were beaten, the country would prosper.Shang Yang believed that if he only drove off tigers and swallowed wolves, he would only create a group of strong men.It does nothing to help the king, and only by using the law of the jungle can he consolidate his rule.Shang Yang believed that in addition to the weak, the state should also control the only way for talents to be promoted. In order for people to be promoted to the rich, they have to enter the system. There is no other way.Shang Yang believed that a country with fame and wealth could be invincible.The state should monopolize all avenues of promotion, the only way for citizens to gain titles and become rich is to enter the system and serve the state.Shang Yang believed that the state needed only two kinds of people, soldiers and peasants. All non-soldiers and non-soldiers were treacherous villains and should be eliminated completely.Those who do not depend on the prince for profit are the greatest threat to the state.Everything he believed, as long as a profitable channels are cut off, common people can only pray for the monarch reward, in order to get rewards can only be cultivated, so the country becomes a state, the army and the people of militarism in such an army, with the help of the monarch is able to eliminate the powerful enemies, to consolidate his rule.Shang Yang abolished all methods of making money outside the system, but he thought it was not enough.The poorer the average person, the better.Shang Yang believes that there are two ways to make the common people poorer. One of them mentioned just now is to eliminate all profit channels outside the system.Second, let the common people do not accumulate food, has been in poverty.People have no food, leaving people destitute.People should live in poverty at all times.Long poor, he naturally obeyed the monarch and was willing to be a pawn in his country.Shang Yang also had a view of heavier punishment and less reward. He believed that a ruler should let the people fear to rule.Shang Yang believed that the ideal country is based on punishment, rewards can not get loyal subordinates, only fear can make subordinates dare not do so.Shang Yang also advocated that no matter the scale of the crime, punishment should be severe, disorderly use should be severe, so people will fear the king.Shang Yang’s thought was the originator of totalitarianism and a powerful tool for the imperial power to rule the country.The saying that half of the Analects rule the world is quite misleading.The history of China’s autocratic regime has never been governed in accordance with Confucianism. They regard Confucianism as the appearance, but the lawyers and the Shang Junshu use Han Feizi as their treasure of governing the country.To abolish Confucianism from all other schools of thought is to learn shang Yang’s religion of unifying thoughts and eliminating all statements inconsistent with the mainstream.The purpose of the proclamation was to enable the poor to enrich the Treasury by condemning the rich.The imperial examination system is a variant of shang Yang’s military service right system.Only by passing the imperial examinations could people get ahead and become rich.Those rich businessmen without value and reputation will never be accepted.With the implementation of the Qin system, China’s vitality is getting worse and worse.Conclusion: The longer the system is in place, the more regressive the country will be.Since the chaos of China’s history, it has gone downhill.Although the Qin system can greatly improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the state in the short term, in the long run, it is no different from chronic poison.More than 2,000 years of boom-and-bust cycles and chaos amply attest to this.Consequently, later monarchs tended to be a combination of Confucian and Manchu erudition to counteract the negative influence of shang’s book, but never changed the nature of legalist doctrine.In a country built according to the book of the Shang, the people will never be happy even if all the enemies are defeated.