Wu Qian Zhang Yujian official announced divorce, netizens accused the man did not bear, hope the beauty to concentrate on the cause

2022-06-17 0 By

On February 14, Wu Qian announced her divorce from male star Zhang Yujian on the social media platform. At this time, many people realized that the two had already married and even had a lovely daughter.You know, there have been media reports that the two often go out together, suspected of being in love, but he did not hesitate to deny.This reminds many netizens of Lu Han, the top pop star who doesn’t hesitate to reveal his love. Compared to Zhang, He is really irresponsible.According to their online profiles, they met in 2018 when they co-starred in I Only Like You.In 2019, the woman is pictured pregnant, and the relationship between the two is predictable.Originally the net friend is blessing state of mind, but the operation of the man is confused.The series of actions of setting up a single person and saying he wants to find a girlfriend has left Internet users baffled.Many people feel sorry for Wu Qian.Now suddenly broke the news of divorce, also let many netizens feel that beauty finally want to open, out of the misery as soon as possible is also a good thing.To know that Wu Qian but in the career of the rising choice to marry children, as the new generation of entertainment florets Dan, Wu Qian whether acting or appearance level are online, the resources are also very good at that time, clearly can have a good future waiting for her.But the final choice and Zhang Yujian into the marriage, gave up their everything.It’s not appropriate for the man to keep it a secret until the divorce.Although celebrity divorce in the entertainment industry has been a common thing, but still hope wu Qian can soon out of the shadow of a single mother, to meet their own new life.After all, Wu Qian is still very good, want to start afresh in the entertainment industry is not difficult, as long as find their own positioning on the line.What do you think?