Football associations and youth coaches should collectively “consult” the men’s final 12 performances

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Canberra, March 31 (Xinhua) –Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing, Bai Xu The final 12 of the Chinese Men’s Football World Preliminary round has ended with unsatisfactory performance.There are at least two problems at the technical and tactical level that should be discussed and considered collectively by the FOOTBALL Association, youth coaches and practitioners – how should our youth programme be improved in the next step?How can future national team players keep up with world football trends?Two old maladies loom large in the final 12.First, in the face of the front court pressure of Asian teams, men’s national football team has too many “passive back passes”, and there is obviously not enough movement and receiving between teammates. The strikers can only rely more on “receiving long passes and grabbing two points” to attack, not to mention winning the ball, even the probability of scoring is greatly reduced.Take the opening game against Australia.With the game, “kangaroo corps will improve competition strength and rhythm, closing down by more and more, China was suppressing centre-back cohesion, midfielder for some time only to turn around and back, even after the ball turned forward all difficult, cause the team formation is” the more pressure, the flat, “guard and goalkeeper after receiving has handled the ball more and more difficult, the result is forced to open big feet, lose the ball,Continue to defend, the team is completely under pressure.Too many “ineffective passes” made it difficult for The Chinese team not only to organize the layered attack, but also to make the bottom pass.Take the 3-2 “knockout” game against Vietnam as an example. Vietnam equalized the score in the 90th minute, but after that, China was still passing back and across in the face of the reduced intensity of the closing down, and it was difficult to push forward.It wasn’t until Wang raised the ball from the left that Wu Lei scored with a difficult diving tackle that the team won, its only win in the round of 12.In the 3-1 defeat to Vietnam in the second leg, Wei Shihao set up Xu Xin’s goal after one of the team’s rare bottom crosses.This shows that the national football team’s technical and tactical performance is backward compared to the last round of the top 12, and the gap with the international football trend is also widening.As the head coach Li Xiaopeng said after the 2-0 loss to Oman, the pace of The National football Team was not as fast as the opponent. The last two matches were delayed by the opponent, so we should focus on improving the pace of the game in the future.In fact, this problem has been reflected in the Chinese Super League and leagues at all levels for many years. Our game intensity and pace are not as good as those of Asian high-level leagues, and the training degree of players’ ability is not enough.So what about the next four years after missing the World Cup again?Remember March 2018 at the international symposium on Chinese football association, women’s youth development, invited to the then Japanese U20 national team coach okamoto, three generations, said Japan football world series as the benchmark to develop training plan, across the country set up the system of a cycle: competition performance evaluation – find problems and develop solutions to solve the problem.From the youth training concept to the elite level of the national brand, Japanese football will follow the advanced technical and tactical trend, and make timely improvements and modifications to the youth training program in actual combat.It also means that Japan, which suffered from Belgium’s “second-timer” at the 2018 World Cup, has completed another pointed review and reflection.At this stage, for the Strength of the Chinese men’s football team is not enough to enter the World Cup, the world preliminary round of 12 is the highest level of competition can participate in.Chinese Football Association and youth practitioners should consider the video of this match as the research object, to a theory with practice “brainstorming”.There is only one purpose: to reflect carefully, find the gap, avoid low-level repetition, find a solution to the “fear of closing down and slow pace” over the years, so that players of all ages under the youth training system can see the direction of catching up, get targeted guidance and improvement.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: