Eleven people were sentenced to up to six years in the first trial of shenzhen’s first medical insurance “cash out” case

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The medical insurance fund is the people’s “money to see a doctor “” money to save life”, but some people take it as a business opportunity to do illegal business.Shenzhen futian District People’s Court recently sentenced 11 defendants to six years to one year and two months in prison and fined for the first criminal case against medical insurance card cashing agents in Shenzhen, which was found to constitute the crime of illegal business operation and covering up the crime.What is the quickest way to get money?Xiong, who has no fixed occupation, stared at his health insurance card and thought about it for a long time.Thought of this idea, Xiong mou to find relatives Huang mou, he mou to join the partnership, at the same time to draw acquaintance of the drug dealer CAI mou, Xie Mou, Hu mou and other 4 people.After some planning, Xiong and his relatives began to “work” a few days later, going to hospitals, bus stations and other crowded public places to put up small cards with the words “cash for medical insurance card”.After a period of publicity, more and more people came to the door to “cash in”.At this point, Xiong and others will ask people to provide their medical insurance cards and photos of holding medical insurance cards, and use the collected medical insurance cards to go to hospitals, social health centers and pharmacies to get prescription drugs for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease and other places.After getting the prescription drugs, Xiong and others sold the drugs at a discount of 60 to 70 percent to the drug dealers they knew, and kept 8 to 10 percent of the proceeds as handling fees, and paid the rest of the price to the owner of the medical insurance card.Because of “business” do bigger and bigger, xiong mou hire zhang mou and so on 3 for its receive card.In addition, he asked his friend, surnamed Chen, who had sales channels, to help him “deal” with the drugs at a profit of 0.5 yuan to 2 yuan per box.At this point, an industrial chain of “card receipt + set of drugs + reselling drugs for cash” was formed, and the division of labor of the people involved was clear. The upstream was responsible for card receipt and trafficking 7 people, and the downstream was responsible for the acquisition of drugs 4 people.According to the audit, Xiong and others used 231 medical insurance cards to obtain drugs in the above way, resulting in a total expenditure of more than 1.15 million yuan of social medical insurance funds.In June 2020, Xiong and 11 others were arrested by the public security organs, among which the families of the six defendants returned the stolen money and criminal gains totalling 257,300 yuan.In January 2022, the Futian Court held a public hearing of the case, and found that the defendant Xiong and other 7 people did not obtain the drug business license, and sold the drugs after receiving the medical insurance card in the name of cashing out the medical insurance card. All the 7 people’s behavior had constituted the crime of illegal business, and the circumstances were particularly serious.CAI and other 4 people without legitimate reasons, to significantly lower than the market price to buy Xiong and other people set brush drugs, among which the defendant Xie, Hu purchase drug amount of more than 100,000 yuan, belongs to the serious circumstances, the behavior of the 4 people should constitute a cover up, hide the crime offended.In summary, the Futian court sentenced Xiong and other seven people to the crime of illegal business operation and sentenced them to imprisonment ranging from six years to one year and two months, and fined them ranging from 50,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.CAI mou and other 4 people to cover up, conceal the crime offended, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years two months to one year six months, and fined 50,000 yuan to 13,000 yuan.The case was sentenced in court, 11 defendants all said not to appeal.On The same day, the Shenzhen Municipal Medical Security Bureau sent a letter of thanks to the Court, saying that the verdict has caused a great response in the society and has strongly deterred criminals in the medical insurance field. It also expressed its heartfelt thanks to the Court for its contribution in cracking down on the crime of insurance fraud and protecting the safety of medical insurance funds.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Yi Xiaohong statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com