Volunteers who become quarantined during the epidemic: Calm down to control the epidemic

2022-06-15 0 By

Jilin, April 9 (Cangyan Shi Hongyu) From a volunteer to a quarantiner, He Guangyu found it difficult to adjust to “calm down” at first.As the contact group of novel coronavirus patients, He guangyu and his family have been quarantined in another place for six days.From 00:00 to 24:00 on April 8, jilin city reported 87 new locally confirmed cases and 56 asymptomatic cases.After 37 days of continuous operations, the latest round of nucleic acid testing covering all members of the community has been completed, and jilin City has achieved the goal of eliminating all members of the community.Mr. He, in isolation, quickly picked up the news.Since the outbreak in Jilin city in early March, more than 20,000 local cases have been reported.Recently, according to the epidemic distribution map in urban areas, Jilin City investigated people at risk of transport and isolation, building by building, unit by unit. A total of 13,099 people were transported and isolated, and the intensity was unprecedented.He Guangyu, 43, was a volunteer in Yongqian Community, Desheng Street, Chuanying district, Jilin City.As there were several positive cases in the unit where he guangyu was working, the residents of the whole building were transferred to other places for centralized isolation.Five members of his family packed their bags and left home overnight.”They’re all isolated, away from their families.”After experiencing temporary anxiety, He Guangyu gradually adapted to the current “quiet”.Working out, reading the news, and occasionally sitting by the window looking at the scenery, he firmly believed that he would “calm” the epidemic and look forward to good news.Zhang Xiaowei, 48, has also undergone a transition from volunteer to isolator.Zhang Xiaowei lives in People’s Square community, Jilin City. As a close contact, she has been isolated in the hotel for several days. She took this centralized isolation as a “personal vacation”.Zhang had been stationed on the front line for more than 30 days.”I work more than 10 hours a day and just come to the hotel to catch up on some sleep.”Zhang xiaowei said her isolation made it easier for her because her family was living outside her hometown.Fitness he Guangyu in the room for the first day of isolation, Zhang Xiaowei gave the family reported peace and fell asleep.When I woke up, the lunch box was at the door of my room.She took pictures and shared them with her family.Zhang’s neighbors were sent to different locations.She is familiar with community work and often uses wechat to communicate with her neighbors, hoping to ease their anxiety.To cope with boredom, Zhang and her neighbors share their food, knowledge and life in quarantine with short videos on wechat groups every day.”You have to do something to be in your place.”After lunch, He stood by the window enjoying the afternoon sun.The declining number of infected people has him planning what to do after the lockdown.”If there is a shortage of volunteers in the community, I will sign up again.”