In Shanghai, a mother and daughter born in the 1970s and 1990s bought a 100-square-meter old house and renovated it into a transparent home

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After 70’s mother and 90’s daughter returned to Shanghai from abroad, bought xuhui district built in 1936, the old house, and determined to transform into a suitable home for two people!What does it look like after the transformation?Words do not say much, let’s see ~ foreign house family model this foreign house area almost has 100 square meters, include the indoor area of 70 square meters, with a courtyard having 30 square meters big, mother and daughter of 2 people transform a requirement to have 3.First of all, we should transform the original one room into two rooms, and retain the old style aesthetic feeling of the original foreign house.Next, want to have enough store content space, but also cannot let indoor appear too too jam.Finally, the living habits of mother and daughter should be fully considered to create a more comfortable and livable residence.For these points, the designer took some time to complete the transformation.The space of eat hutch integration in the home enters the home from the front door, those who come above all is the space of eat hutch integration in the home, to promote receive a space, stylist simply make it of porch ark pass top design, outspread desk have dinner area.Half is porch ark, the design that half is ark of eat side uses very clever to the space.▲ Right on the door storage cabinet in order to fill the redundant space of the door, the designer used a rattan cabinet door storage here, as additional storage and decorative supplies.Go to the space on the left side, you will find here is a very simple bar restaurant, with a small bar table separated from the kitchen and entrance vestibule area, but also to create a small restaurant that can accommodate two people at the same time.The design that dining-room and open mode kitchen are linked together, not only clever use a space, also let serve food prepare meal and clear table to become more convenient at the same time, also be a good small family solution.As a result of this home, area of integration of sitting room, bedroom, study is the place that mother and daughter 2 people live namely, be not like that kind of traditional pattern on dimensional allocation so “rigorous” and stuffy, enter a room from the door of entrance right hand side inside, it is the space of an open mode, also be the biggest space in the home.Here is a sitting room since, it is the study area that mother and daughter 2 people work to learn, a piece of long big desk satisfied the demand that 2 people work and study, the means that uses stage on the side, set up the sleeping bed of mother, and put apart at bottom receive a space.The open clothes hanging area at the end of the bed also has the meaning of “exhibition area”, which looks delicate and quite artistic. Although the storage capacity is average, it is also enough for the mother and daughter who are actively breaking away.The front of the yard that is linked with advocate lie also said, this foreign house fully has the yard of 30 square meters, this also is in this house, mother and daughter 2 people like the place most, two people often can sit quietly here blow wind, enjoy quiet time.The courtyard is designed in Japanese style, with the zen atmosphere of dry landscape. Gravel, bamboo pipes and fences highlight the simple and elegant atmosphere of Japanese style.The bedroom of the daughter’s small bedroom daughter is designed advocate lie in the side side, used long and narrow area make it small double entry pattern, the one layer area of stair well, set receive a space, the position that depends on a window has an alone desk, for study and writing, also can see the beautiful scenery in courtyard directly from here, atmosphere feels very right.The toilet has two doors, one next to the kitchen and the other leading directly to her daughter’s bedroom, allowing the line to form a perfect cycle, which is very convenient to use.Closestool was put in relative intermediate position, wash one’s hands pool also has two, go to the lavatory, wash gargle, bath, make the daily life of mother and daughter 2 people more convenient.In a word, the above is the appearance after the transformation of this old foreign house, how do you think?~ (pictures from the network, if there is infringement immediately delete)