Ten drops of water remove blackhead?Intelligence tax that violates drug indication, do not pay!

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Hello, everyone, the New Year, hot fu again to give you skin care popularization ~ hot fu deeply know, 99% of girls have blackhead trouble, hot fu also know, these girls, there are always some people will use folk remedies, resulting in blackhead more clear, pores more thick.Or is the hand itch + obsessive-compulsive disorder, disorderly squeeze blackhead, pore becomes big again.So, today is the first period after the year protect skin intelligence quotient tax ~ see in these you have handed in a few?Who is today’s IQ tax champion?NO.1 Vaseline for blackheads?Vaseline is essentially a thick, tightly closed mineral fat, and when we put it on our nose, we put cement on our pores.Things like moisture, sweat, grease, including your blackhead, will be locked in there, never to come out.In this case, the accumulation of oil and keratin in pores will only increase blackheads.In addition, mineral fat and our body sebum are different things, there is no way to dissolve oil to get blackheads.So vaseline, it is suitable for the great northern wind strong dry areas in winter, repair your dry skin, but to remove blackhead, how much it is a little difficult for it, in other words, it protects blackhead is almost pinch ~NO.2 nail file to blackhead?Some doctors say using acid and acne needles to scrape away blackheads and applying metronidazole thin to fight bacteria and prevent infection.And somehow, in the network environment of word of mouth, many people become “take a nitration file to blackhead”?Dear friends, and listen to the analysis of spicy fulva, metronidazole is antibiotics ah, it is used for nose minister acne, mites, rose acne flushed, completely ok.But blackhead is grease secrete exuberant, horny metabolism is abnormal bring about, it is oil much + horny much essentially, armour saltpetriazole even wants to help, it also is the heart is superfluous and force is insufficient ah ~NO.3 10 drops go blackhead?This IQ tax source from a certain sound, spicy fu in this solemn statement: ten drops of water is used to drink, treatment of dizziness, heat stroke, spleen and stomach problems, can not be used to remove acne, remove blackheads.Moreover, ten drops of water contained camphor, pepper, dried ginger, etc., will directly burn the skin, causing severe redness, allergies and dermatitis.In short, this blackhead whimsy, is simply to overturn the skin physiological knowledge, the drug indication regulations on the foot friction!All right, three IQ taxes, which Raffles sincerely hopes none of us have paid?But if you do, Fulv will definitely help you get rid of blackheads!So, a regular, useful, dermatological special method to remove blackheads to put it bluntly, the correct way to blackhead, in fact, really very simple.Use warm water and facial cleanser to remove oil from your nose and wipe clean.Apply 15% azelaic acid to the blackhead and evenly spread it out.Azelaic acid can reduce filamentous keratin synthesis, inhibit 5-α reductase and reduce sebaceous gland secretion of excessive free fatty acids.Remove blackheads from both oil and keratin.Step 3: Leave for 30 minutes and apply moisturizer lightly.If the nose is accompanied by acne or long-term redness, you can apply a small amount of fusidic acid or methylnitration file.With this method, after two weeks of continuous use, you will see fewer blackheads. When the blackheads are significantly reduced, you can stop using them.But be warned!There is no blackhead, there is no blackhead