Hyuna agreed to her boyfriend’s proposal and posted a message thanking him for his work, and the fans were overwhelmingly supportive

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Xuan hugely popular in our domestic, with its excellent works, the style of explosive and was deeply loved by domestic fans superior strength, the road to her singer perfect, from a young age he emerged, even at the head of the Korean wave solo singer, whether her solo, or a combination of development is very successful, and she also completely conform to continue,She fell in love when she wanted to, didn’t care about the constraints of the company, and now she has said yes to her boyfriend.DAWN posted “MARRY ME” on Her Instagram to propose to Hyuna. At the same time, she posted a video where she and Hyuna were holding their hands together with a couple’s ring. It was really jealous.Then hyuna posted a reply to DAWN on Instagram and said “Yes”. Then hyuna posted a ring box of a couple’s rings and said “Thank you, thank you, thank you” to her boyfriend. Seven words and six thank you.Small make up this thought hallyu love bean promised to propose the housing collapse, have never thought Xuan jas expressed support for the fans are one-sided articles at home and abroad, the comment area without a fan boycott, perhaps this is a really good artist should get fans response, indeed Xuan gives us too many surprises and work, she also came to the marriage age, fans cheer up.But the two people’s affection is not just to reported to the company, because Xuan elegant entertainment company’s staff has just responded that for Xuan elegant married DAWN his is still in confirmation, hope don’t appear the situation and the previous CUBE, to know Xuan ya left CUBE is because of love, and it is fully communicate with the company.Literally Xuan to this affection really paid a lot, she in her prime choice public love, then her career is collapsed, even in the very long period of time hallyu big awards doesn’t have her figure, very not easy to have a, I was her previous works won awards, obviously these easy for Xuan, already not important,Because no matter how much money is also to spend, after all, money is never enough., a spade a spade Xuan elegant small make up like that, that is, she dares to do what others can’t do, and pay for their behavior, and their absolute don’t regret it, you can see Xuan feelings and her boyfriend is very good, want to know a couple live together, after a lot of people in the relief phase, also be more picky and Xuan elegant girl,Her boyfriend really made her feel safe and that’s why Hyuna was so happy to see the proposal.As Korean love beans, Xuan women in solo and two areas are pushed to the top, she also should enjoy, you can see her lovers songs released today is really happy, so happy Xuan small make up for a long time no see, really to Xuan this level, should enjoy the life, can and beloved people together to do the thing that oneself like,What could be more joyful than that?Hyuna small like the true nature of hyuna, she was hard enough when being an idol, in the choice of love is also to go back, that is hyun a.