Chen Shuyuan has caused outrage again by presenting his No. 10 jersey to Vietnam and being questioned about his posture

2022-06-12 0 By

Chen Xuyuan gave his no. 10 jersey to the Vietnam Football Association.Today, a number of media reported that football Association Chen Shuyuan and the Vietnamese football Association staff meeting the news.According to reports, Mr Chen presented a number 10 shirt with his name on it during the meeting.The news sparked a heated debate.First, let’s take a look at what the netizens are questioning.Number one: It’s unprofessional to give a number 10 shirt. Anyone with any knowledge of football knows what number 10 means in football.Encyclopaedia has a cultural explanation about the no.10 jersey: from pele, Malay Dona, to the present Messi, it is the symbol of the team leader, is a skilled warrior, is the link between the front and back field, is the attack initiator and organizer.The number 10 shirt is sacred in the hearts of fans.However, As a manager, Chen xuyuan has not contributed much to the progress of Chinese football over the years.Both World Cup qualifiers were dismal results.Coaches come and go, players come and go, and the money is flowing.Can such a Chen suyuan be worthy of the no. 10 jersey?”How narcissistic it is to give someone else’s jersey with your name on it, no. 10,” topped the comment section.Seems to be the voice of many fans.”It’s understandable, it’s a communication thing, but you can’t make a 99 or something the team doesn’t use?Where’s the national team jersey? Size 10…Do you really regard yourself as the core of Chinese football?”Apparently, netizens thought Chen’s move was unprofessional.On that day, Mr Chen met the acting president and vice president of the Vietnam Football Association in what was supposed to be a solemn occasion.The positions are equal.However, Chen shuyuan is dressed in casual clothes, while his counterpart is dressed up.And, according to photos from the venue, Mr Chen crossed his legs.Internet users were also surprised by the posture.”Legs crossed, arms on the sofa, this is the most beautiful sitting.””Do you dress and sit so casually?” “Others wear a suit and tie, you put on a tracksuit, no attitude”…The netizen’s ridicule is very much, about comrade Chen’s dress, is really a long story.I don’t know what’s going on here.It was just 2 days after China’s disastrous defeat to Vietnam.At this point, any news about the men’s soccer team could ignite the media.Mr Chen’s story clearly has too many black spots.Of course, it’s also because they didn’t do well themselves.I don’t know what good guidelines Chen Xuyuan has for the National football team.Hope the National football team can soon out of the shadow.