Langfang City, Hebei Province, Guangyang District to carry out Lantern Festival food safety special inspection

2022-06-11 0 By

In order to create a safe consumption environment, Langfang City, Hebei Province, Guangyang District market supervision bureau planning ahead of time, actively carry out the Lantern Festival food safety special inspection.The inspection to farmers markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores, small workshops as the focus of the inspection area, to Yuanxiao, dumplings, cakes, cold chain food and other festival hot food as the focus of the inspection object, focus on the inspection of business licenses are complete and effective;Whether the food self-regulation system such as demand for certificates and tickets, entry and sales ledger, purchase inspection and acceptance, and withdrawal of unqualified products from the market is in place;Whether the outer packaging and product identification of the product meet the requirements;Whether the hygienic environment of self-made yuanxiao, tangyuan and other business premises is clean and tidy, whether the use of food additives exceeds the scope and limit;Whether the goods sold according to the provisions of clearly marked price, whether there is a false original price, false discount, exaggerated publicity and excessive packaging and other behaviors, strictly prevent the “three noes” food, expired products into the market, effectively eliminate food safety risks, to protect consumers “tongue safety”.In the inspection at the same time, law enforcement personnel will also on-site inspection and policy publicity combined, actively to food operators and consumers to promote the relevant laws and regulations, clear food business unit is the first responsible person for food safety, strengthen the subject responsibility consciousness, urge its integrity and law-abiding business.Up to now, a total of more than 50 merchant inspection, in view of the inspection found problems, ordered immediate rectification.The next step, Guangyang District market supervision bureau will continue to carry out food safety supervision and inspection and food safety risk investigation, strictly prevent, strictly control, strictly control food safety risks, build a solid food “safety line”, so that the area of the people to buy at ease, eat at ease.Guang Yang district market supervision bureau to warn broad customer, want to be safe during the festival, scientific and rational consumption, when buying dumplings, dumplings and other holiday foods should choose informal places and the merchants of full certificates, and pay attention to food production date, shelf-life, storage condition, keep shopping receipts credentials such as consumption, when the legitimate rights and interests are harmed,Call 12315 to report complaints and protect rights in accordance with the law.(Contributed by Hebei Market Supervision Bureau)