To attract talents and build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship

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Photo: Fengyang Silicon Valley Intelligent Co., LTD. Ultra-thin and ultra-white special photoelectric glass automatic production line.In recent years, Fengyang has seized important strategic opportunities such as the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta to promote the transformation and upgrading of silicon-based industries.Reporter Xu Minhao photo to an “deputy general manager of science and technology” to complete the talent chain into The Anhui Huaxin Pharmaceutical Glass Products Co., LTD., located in Lai ‘an County, a long production line, a mechanical arm waving methodically, the glass tube accurately inserted into each station.”The production line was designed and improved by our ‘vice president of Science and Technology’ Dr. Shao Yutian. It can realize automatic production, which not only saves labor costs but also improves production efficiency.”Fang Qinghai of general manager of the company to introduce, Shao Yutian help enterprises to break through technical bottlenecks, product upgrades, led research and development of “pharmaceutical glass packaging bottle wall silicide” products, successfully solves the traditional glass bottles of drug to “climb the wall” problem, that’s a product orders reached 8 million yuan, created a $1.5 million profit for the enterprise.”Talent is the primary resource for development.The actual demand of the company is the key to what kind of talent to attract.Ling Hongbao, deputy minister of the organization Department of Lai ‘an County Committee, introduced that in order to meet the needs of industrial upgrading and scientific and technological innovation of enterprises to the maximum extent, the county pioneered the “deputy general manager of science and technology” talent introduction mode in the province, in order to “enterprises out of the order, colleges and universities to accept orders, the government to pay” way, around the industrial chain, complement the talent chain.Lai ‘an County and universities to establish a scientific and technological achievements transformation center, according to the needs of enterprises, select and hire college teachers with a doctor’s degree or senior professional and technical titles, with relevant fields of outstanding scientific research work experience and ability to temporary deputy general manager or deputy chief engineer of enterprises in the county,In technical guidance, process improvement, project, product development and enterprises to establish multi-level, all-round cooperation, to help enterprises scientific and technological innovation.In 2021, the county dispatched 9 “deputy general manager of science and technology”, to assist enterprises to apply for 18 patents, 5 projects above the municipal level, increased output value of 10 million yuan.As the east bridgehead of Anhui province, In recent years, Lai ‘an County has seized the great opportunity of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, constantly improved the talent policy system, and explored and innovated the ways and methods of talent introduction.In 2021, “Star Yao Lai ‘an talent Science and Technology Festival” will be held, inviting many domestic science and technology workers, talents at all levels, more than 20 universities such as University of Science and Technology of China, Southeast University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, more than 100 experts and scholars and enterprise representatives to gather in Lai ‘an to seek innovation and development.Through 18 activities such as “Yangtze River Delta High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, 13 talent projects were landed and 6 high-level talent teams were introduced.With the help of the activity of “Chuzhou Zhihui · Opening the report”, 5 technical problems of the enterprise were released, which facilitated the cooperation between Hengtong Rubber and General Professor Xu Wen of Anhui Jianzhu University to solve the problem of low fire rating of products;18 units in the county were organized to communicate with 29 colleges and universities in Nanjing, leading enterprises to invest 450 million YUAN in RESEARCH and development, adding 154 authorized invention patents, and creating output value of 2 billion yuan for enterprises…Ling hongbao said:”In recent years, the county has introduced 3 academicians, 19 national leading talents, 208 doctoral and other high-level talents, cultivated 2 provincial ‘special support plan’ leading talents, chuzhou ‘113’ ‘221’ industrial innovation team 10, more than 4000 from the Yangtze River Delta area management talents, highly skilled talents to come to Lai ‘an innovation and entrepreneurship.”A few days ago, qiao Nan “RESEARCH and development Zone” will hold a talent exchange conference and college scientific and technological achievements matchmaking conference in Shanghai Hongqiao conference room, with the theme of “North, Sky and South awaiting us”.Experts and scholars from Nanjing University of Technology, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology, Nanjing Pukou High-tech Zone, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai University and entrepreneurs from the Yangtze River Delta region gathered to discuss the direction of industrial development, docking and display scientific and technological achievements.At the same time, Anhui Beyond environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other 3 enterprises officially in the University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University of Technology, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, “R & D encloughs”, southern chu Chrysanthemum, Oak, green willow and other rural revitalization industry doctoral stations officially opened.In recent years, the Chinese territory will earnestly implement the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta, always regard human resources as the strongest driving force and engine for innovation and development, and actively create a human resources ecological environment that brings us closer and brings us closer.The whole region issued a series of scientific and technological talent policies, and continued to improve the human resources policy chain, ranging from “several policies to further encourage scientific and technological innovation and development” to “rules for implementation of housing preference policies for enterprises and scientific, educational and RESEARCH institutions to introduce talents and employ migrant workers.”On the talent platform, the Chinese territory will continue to embrace the Yangtze River Delta.In recent years, nanpu cooperation development Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, was established between Nanpu and Nanjing Pukou Hi-tech Zone, and we will jointly create an industrial cooperation park covering 1,000 acres.With a total investment of more than 7 billion yuan, Chuzhou Higher education and science innovation City has formed an “L-shaped” development framework with Huizhiwan area as the development axis, unmanned system intelligent manufacturing demonstration area and NPU R&D area complementary to each other. It has been approved as a provincial science and technology service cluster area, Anhui Youth Innovation Park and other honors.Many enterprises such as Kangda Forklift have set up shop in “R&D enclaves” in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hefei, marking a new way of “Qiao South” for scientific research with talents in other places.On talent events, the Chinese territories and the Yangtze River Delta will interact in more flexible ways.Over 50 high-level talents and entrepreneurs from the two territories exchanged ideas and explored deep cooperation in human resources work on the Chinese drum zone and the Chinese Drum Zone.In addition, 3 young cadres will be selected and sent to pukou Economic development zone and high-tech zone for training classes;It has innovatively carried out party and government personnel and post internship activities with Southeast University, and continuously broadened channels of talent exchange and cooperation with cities in the Yangtze River Delta.Recently, mingguang City Mingguang street conference room warm thick, the street Party working committee, the head of the office invited entrepreneurs to return home for the Spring Festival to gather together, a total of Syria hometown, and conspiracy hometown xing.”As the saying goes, a year’s plan begins in spring. Spring is the season of sowing and the season of hope.”Yu Wenlong, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Mingguang Sub-district, extended his New Year wishes to the people returning to their hometowns. He played a special publicity video titled “Colorful Mingguang” for the representatives attending the meeting, introduced the policies of attracting investment and specific measures of serving enterprises in the sub-district, and put forward suggestions on speeding up the economic development of the sub-district. He hoped that all the entrepreneurs would contribute to the construction of their hometowns.Vegetable village Wang Kangjing established “Kangjing lobster” brand, chain stores in Nanjing, Suzhou and other large and medium-sized cities, so that bright light crayfish into the Yangtze River Delta, on the table of the people.”Crayfish is a very popular food in the Yangtze River Delta region and has a bright future,” wang said.The city’s excellent ecological resources, the development momentum of the crayfish industry is getting better and better. I hope to drive the lobster farmers in Mingguang City, especially in Mingguang Street, to expand their breeding scale, improve their breeding income, and contribute to the revitalization of their hometown.””Doing business abroad for many years, I have accumulated some contacts and resources, hoping to pull the strings for the economic construction of my hometown, and play a role in attracting investment.”Xu Jianming, manager of Zhejiang Yiwu Xinggang Machinery Special Equipment Co., LTD., villager of Bian Zhuang, actively provided the information of entrepreneurs with investment intention in Yiwu to the delegates at the meeting.Forum to promote friendship, seek common development, a total of nearly 20 received investment information, investment for the streets to broaden the channel.Fifteen representatives of entrepreneurs who have returned to their hometowns have made speeches, saying that they are duty-bound to accelerate the development of their hometowns and resolutely should not be outsiders.As an important way and effective carrier to directly contact people from all walks of life and the masses, “‘ one thousand party members into ten thousand ‘spring breeze action” is the characteristic party building brand of Mingguang City.”We will regularly organize party members and cadres to visit people who have returned to their hometowns, and carry out in-depth consultations with the people, so as to form a good atmosphere in which everyone seeks common development and everyone contributes to bright light,” Yu said.(Reporter Zhang Ideal correspondent Miao Zhuxin Yao Tongling Zhu Shikai) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: