Lakers target Rockets’ Nemesis?1 worse than Howard L.A. turning into a retirement home

2022-06-10 0 By

With a week to go before the trade deadline, teams are scrambling to find trades that suit them, and the Lakers are trying to get something out of the market.At present, the Lakers have introduced the target on the Nets millsap body.Once upon a time, the lakers would have gotten a boost from this trade, but millsap doesn’t get any playing time in the Nets and isn’t much of a help to the lakers.Millsap has played in 24 games for the Nets this season, averaging 3.4 points and 3.7 rebounds in 11.3 minutes per game and shooting a pitiless 22.2 percent from 3-point range.Earlier this offseason, Millsap had hoped to be part of the Nets’ rotation, but because Nash relied too much on small ball and put the offensive power on the big three, Millsap never got a chance to play.After discussion, both sides reached an agreement, the Nets will look for millsap more suitable next home.The lakers, for their part, have accelerated their moves because of James’ sudden injury.James is in good shape this season, even a contender for the scoring title.But in addition to suffering from knee soreness, James’ injury has affected the Lakers’ lineup.Despite his comeback, James is averaging 29.1 points per game and no one can replace him.If the lakers are going to compete for a better regular season, they need to add offensive points.Millsap has had good chances in the Nets, but his shooting ability has remained steady.Millsap’s performance in the Nets is not good, one is in the offensive end of the ball is not too much, two is the Nets offensive system is not suitable for Millsap’s play.In view of the Lakers’ offensive system, millsap can join the Lakers, so he will get some shots in the offensive end, and even be able to connect the offensive end, for the Lakers’ tactics will be helpful.Millsap, however, is a 37-year-old veteran who, despite being an All-Star player in the past, has lost speed on the court as he gets older, especially when he switches to the defense, and can’t keep up with opponents’ penetration.Add Millsap to the lakers’ already terrible defense, and it will be completely empty and impossible to talk about.What’s more, Millsap is only 2.01 meters tall. Although his weight has a certain advantage, Millsap has no advantage in the inside.Once the lakers get Millsap, they still can’t relieve pressure in the paint, where they’ll face a lot of physical play.In this way, the eyebrows are likely to continue to face injury in the second half of the race.Even if James returns, I’m afraid the issue won’t be resolved.So for the Lakers, even if they want to make a trade before the trade deadline, the goal should not simply be to improve their offense, but to address the team’s second-half problems.Millsap is good, but age and size are still a problem the lakers can’t solve, and if they want to take the pressure off the team, they need to find the perfect candidate in terms of recruiting.