Almighty tiger 8PLUS version of kunpeng cash down 8000 yuan

2022-06-07 0 By

“Tiger 8PLUS” Kunpeng Power 5+2 seat SUV, any choice, the new car has arrived in the store, there are enough cars and eight all-round gifts: VIP phone: 400-126-2052① Warranty gift: lifetime warranty of engine ② Upgrade gift: lifetime free OTA upgrade ③ Additional purchase gift: additional purchase enjoy 3000 yuan subsidy ④ Warranty free gift:Enjoy 3 years 6 time based maintenance (5) free cash gift: ordering, the $8000 cash bonus 6 replacement: this product replacement to enjoy 10000 yuan subsidies 7 financial gift: honour enjoy 3 years zero interest rates, the highest 7000 yuan enjoy financial subsidies end flow: first owner based traffic life-long free flow, entertainment, the first year free * replacement, adds the ritual and ceremony, free choose three