“APEC Art +” has friendship meaning: China Wine Marketing Research Center brings Hongmen beer and other New Year’s greetings

2022-06-06 0 By

ChinaBrand Brand public Welfare and ESG Information: Yi Dimension “APEC Culture +” have yi meaning:On the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, China Wine Marketing Research Center and “Yi Yuan” series of yuan Universe, bring “Loyalty” wine, “xiangdulun” wine, “Unity party” wine, “Loyalty Hongmen” beer and other related NFT to wish you a happy New Year!Is the wine chain alliance – “yi yi” series universe, is the Global ChinaBrand hongmen history, including Stu Meitang and so on the history of several generations of patriotic patriots, commissioned senior BRAND value management agency brand-V market value management agency IPOplus for its customized slogan,”Have friendship and righteousness” — friendship and friendship, life is meaningful.CalvinCalbin, the contract artist of ipMALL, has agreed to create the image of guan yu guan yunchang, the loyal representative of Chinese tradition, and the photo of Mr. Yin guokui, the famous patriot and the president of the world hongmen historical and cultural association who is brave enough to change.The excellent elements of traditional culture deserve to be inherited and carried forward by artists’ re-interpretation in a new context.The excellent spirit of Traditional Chinese culture is worth inheriting, such as “loyalty” and “patriotism”.”APEC Culture +” commentator article believes that ChinaBrand global “progressive cultural innovation!”Series of activities, the unity of all ethnic groups at home and abroad and strength, make the excellent traditional culture elements and the spirit of metaphor by the excellent traditional culture elements in the context of the new interpretation by artists in a way in again, and cooperation with commercial or public welfare by the dimensions of brand, is very important to carry forward path, very positive.”Friendship dimension” series of universe, with “loyalty unparalleled”