Yunguichuan pigeon race is difficult to fly, challenge the pigeon friends in the north, do you dare to participate?

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Click on the top of the attention, wonderful content can not be missed!”Homing Pigeon” brings you the latest report of pigeon racing competition every day, and shares the common knowledge of raising pigeons. Welcome everyone to click on it and pay attention to it, so that we can exchange and learn together!Speaking of famous pigeon racing families, we will naturally think of Zhang Bin, Kai Er Group Xing Wei, etc., these racing pigeons have one thing in common, they all come from the north.Of course, in the areas where famous celebrities gather, there will be no high-end matches with it, such as Tianjin Pioneer, West Anwei, Tangshan Kaer and other well-known events, which are familiar in the pigeon world, like thunderbolt.Although yunnan has red maple, tian Nan copper and other names are also very loud, but compared with the above, suddenly seems to be a grade less.Why are there no high-end games in the south?Such a false proposition, also became the hot spot that pigeon friends discuss after lunch!Everyone to express their views, the discussion was in full force, from the beginning of a simple business exchange, evolved into a regional struggle, playing is really inextricable!This reminds me of the classic scene in Journey to the West, in which sun Wukong and the King of golden Horn quarrel with each other, “If I call you, do you dare to answer?”.And our lovely pigeon fanciers are divided into the north and the South, the plot between the two parties is very similar to each other, especially yunguichuan represented by pigeon fanciers often challenge the north pigeon fanciers, refuse to fight, do you dare to participate?No one will give in to a verbal fight!In terms of the popularity of pigeon raising, pigeon fanciers in Yunguichuan are absolutely as popular as those in Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Liaoning. However, due to geographical limitations, pigeon racing in these regions cannot gallop on the battlefield and realize the scene of returning home quickly as in the northern plains.What is called a side water and soil raises one party people, also presents different characteristics in different parts of the racing, whether pigeons in the south to the north, and the pigeons in the north to the south, will be a lose-lose situation, pigeon people according to the different geographical environment to develop a different strategy, advancing with The Times, cultivate suitable for local racing pigeons of the line.No matter the competition is high or low, pigeon lovers are not alike. Different regional competition lines have different requirements for pigeon competitors. There is no need for pigeon lovers to fight each other to death.