The change of Spring Festival Transportation in Fuyang of Anhui province in “High-speed Railway Era”

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Migrant workers queue in front of fuyang’s railway station in the 1990s.Fuyang, Anhui, February 7 (Wu LAN zhang Xuliang) Fuyang is one of the well-known labor export centers in China. Every year, more than 3 million people work in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.On December 1, 2019, the Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed railway from Shangqiu to Hefei and from Zhengzhou to Fuyang opened.Fuyang and Bozhou, located in the north of Anhui province, have become the last two cities in Anhui province to enter the era of high-speed rail.During the more than two years since the high-speed railway opened, the Spring Festival travel in Fuyang has been constantly changing, and people’s travel modes and choices have become more diversified, paving a comfortable “smooth road” for the workers to return to “Fu” and go out to “seek gold”.This year is the third Spring Festival travel rush for Fuyang entering the era of high-speed rail. The railway department expects that during the 40 days of this Spring Festival travel rush, fuyang West Station of high-speed railway and Fuyang Station of universal high-speed Railway will send 1,0778,900 passengers, up 188,500 year-on-year, or 21.17%, of which more than half of the passengers will take high-speed rail to and from Fuyang.Migrant workers queue in front of the fuyang railway station.A sea of people in the ticket office, the square in front of the station “dark” one, some people “over the window” to climb into the green train, some people are directly “crowded” under the seat or luggage on the shelf……When huang fulu talks about the Spring Festival travel rush, he conjure up images of the once bustling crowds.”At that time, both in the waiting room and in the carriage, I was often ‘squeezed’ so that my feet were suspended.”Living in Tianlou Village, Wenji Town, Fuyang city, he has worked in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta for 25 years. This year, he plans to work in Beijing.Just like Huang Fulu, the generation who integrated into the flourishing tide of migrant workers in the early stage had a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by migrant workers during the Spring Festival travel rush in the past.In the 1980s and 1990s, with the implementation of rural household contract system and the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, farmers went out of their homes one after another to “rush for gold”, thus forming the surging tide of migrant workers.”When you go out, you carry a quilt in a snakeskin bag;When you come back, you’ll have tickets in your bag.””Go out one, rich family;One household brings the whole village along.”…Became the “portrait” of migrant workers at that time.Fuyang station is overwhelmed by the rush hour, with trains severely overstaffed and unable to meet the demand of the masses of migrant workers.”In the past, fuyang experienced heavy transportation pressure due to insufficient railway capacity.”Zhang Lin, a retired “old railway man”, recalls.In the 1970s, Fuyang station is no more than a small station at the end of qingfu branch line in northern Anhui, with 2 stock lanes, 2 pairs of buses and 2 ticket Windows. The waiting room area is only 360 square meters, and the annual passenger volume is less than 600,000 people.In the early 1990s, fuyang station also had no outbound trains, with only five or six stops a day.”Such a ‘tight’ transport capacity, of course, can not carry a large city of tens of millions of rural migrant workers transport task.”Zhang Lin said.Huang Jiangtao, the duty master of Fuyang Station with 27 years of service, is also an “old railway man”. He has witnessed train upgrades, environmental changes and travel changes during numerous Spring Festival travel rush.”There is a local custom of ‘March 69, go out’. On the third, sixth and ninth day of the first lunar month, the square and waiting room of Fuyang Station are filled with people everywhere. At most, there are 6,000 or 7,000 people in the square.”Huang jiangtao still remembers the Spring Festival travel rush scene at that time.Only can accommodate more than 300 people in the waiting room is faced with hundreds of thousands of migrant workers large passenger flow, migrant workers to their homelands with their brother’s head, afraid of accidentally luggage be pushed away, was not the square hardfaced, encounter rain and snow day, muddy, mud flying passengers covered in mud and many migrant workers stranded three or four days can’t buy tickets at the station…High-speed rail era fuyang station convenient travel.Renewed bright taken out “more” decent “gold rush” in fuyang fuyang, taihe east west, stands on the north, south, linquan five high-speed claimed yesterday, almost covered in eight counties, gradually formed the “m” word railway hub, let fuyang closely linked with Yangtze river delta urban areas, people travel conditions more superior and convenient,Local economic and social development has gradually entered the “fast lane”.”It only takes about four hours to travel from Fuyang to Yiwu, nearly five hours less than the Regular express.”Chen Xingliang, who runs a clothing wholesale business in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, knows the convenience of high-speed rail.The man, who lives in Yingdong district, Fuyang city, has worked in Yiwu for eight years.It is understood that the current fuyang to hefei train the shortest time from the last 2 hours and 18 minutes compression to 57 points, the shortest time to Shanghai by the past nine hours and 33 minutes to 3 hours, 26 minutes, compression has formed in nanjing, wuhan, zhengzhou, two hours traffic circle, changsha, suzhou 3 hours, the traffic circle, Shanghai, Beijing, hangzhou 4 hour traffic circle,Cities such as the Yangtze River Delta are becoming more and more convenient for migrant workers.”In the past, you could just have a ticket, but now you’d rather pay a little more to take high-speed trains or high-speed trains with high speed and comfort.””Nowadays, it’s more important to pack light,” said Zhang Guangdong, who works for Shanghai Bogue Industrial Fabric Co., as he waited for the train at Fuyang West Railway Station. “You can pull a simple suitcase and get on the train easily.According to railway statistics, 44% of Fuyang residents will choose high-speed rail during the Spring Festival travel rush in 2020, 58.6% will choose high-speed rail during the Spring Festival travel rush in 2021, and 62.2% will choose high-speed rail during the Spring Festival travel rush this year.”Nowadays, the waiting capacity and transportation capacity are fully equipped. During the Spring Festival travel rush, trains run at a high density and passengers flow smoothly. The ‘noisy’ scene of the past is no longer repeated.””With a total floor area of 40,000 square meters, the Fuyang West Station has a waiting hall of more than 10,000 square meters, which can accommodate up to 4,000 people at a time,” said Yang Jing, duty chief of fuyang West Station.This year, fuyang station and Fuyang West Station plan to add 130 passenger trains, including 62 at Fuyang station and 68 at Fuyang West Station, with an average daily number of 365 trains, an average of one train every four minutes to all parts of the country.Migrant workers can easily take high-speed trains from their doorsteps to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi ‘an, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Hefei and Bozhou.”The railway has changed dramatically for the benefit of the people.””Entering the third Spring Festival travel rush in the era of high-speed rail, people can choose high-speed trains at will, making it easier to get on the train and have a more convenient travel experience,” said Yuan Xiaowei, chief of Marketing Department of Fuyang North Railway Station.In addition to going out to “panning for gold” more simple, return home to start a business, employment gradually become “hot”.The opening of high-speed railway accelerated the progress of Fuyang’s integration into the Yangtze River Delta, better released the “dividend” of Jiangsu pair cooperation and assistance, and a large number of foreign industrial enterprises settled in Fuyang to invest and start businesses, and also set off a “boom” of returning home to start businesses.By The end of December 2020, a total of 63,498 people in Fuyang had returned to their hometown to start businesses, among which 3,367 people had returned to their hometown in 2020.Passengers travel light at Fuyang Station in the era of high-speed rail.Ren Xinfu, who lives in Haoqiao Village, Yuanzhai Town, Fuyang city, summed up the Spring Festival travel rush in his impression.Every year from Guangdong home, he must “pass through the five passes and kill six generals” after many “hardships”.”During the peak travel season, the ticket queue can stretch from the ticket window to the square in front of the station.”Ren Xinfu said that the first thing he did when he arrived at the railway station was to grab a ticket, and then he would crowd into the station and get on the train “crazily”, often making himself “discomfished”.”Now you can buy tickets online with your mobile phone. It’s so convenient.”Talking about traveling today, he, who has worked in Guangdong Obo Electronics Factory for 15 years, sighed about the changes in the railway. He said that after the opening of the high-speed railway in Fuyang, his way home is no longer rough and distant.According to railway authorities, Internet ticketing accounted for 86.30 percent in 2019, 94.50 percent in 2020, 94.30 percent in 2021 and 95.10 percent expected in 2022.”This year’s Spring Festival travel rush not only allows passengers to leave, but also allows passengers to have a better travel experience, a sense of security and a better sense of happiness.”Chu Maogao, head of Fuyang West Railway Station, said, “Now, with the help of science and technology, fuyang passengers just need to swipe their ID card on the automatic gate machine, and then go through the face recognition, to complete the temperature check code, self-service real-name verification, ticket verification, and easily get into the station.”In recent years, Spring Festival travel is no longer difficult and the service is more humane.With the upgrading of traffic conditions, e-tickets for high-speed railway stations and temporary e-id cards will be implemented this year, eliminating the need for passengers to get tickets and reapply for ID cards.At the same time, extend the 12306 website ticket service time, new online management after driving ticket change business, to create more data “errands”, passengers walk less warm heart mode, which makes many passengers feel more convenient.In the waiting room for mother and baby, zhu Penghui and Yu Qingfang, who were born in the 1990s and are planning to go to Nanjing, took their children under the age of 1 to rest in the waiting room for mother and baby, and the baby slept peacefully in a cot.Zhu penghui’s mother lamented the changes that have taken place on the railway in her hometown, recalling the Spring Festival travel rush in 2000. “At that time, the waiting room was very crowded and there was no place to rest, so the children had to sit in packages or play on the ground.””The station is equipped with a high standard of ‘four areas and one room’, including military waiting area, key passenger waiting area, business area, children’s play area, mother and child waiting room, to provide different services for different passengers.”Yang Jing, station master on duty at Fuyang West Station, said, “During the Spring Festival travel, the station launched the ‘warm journey’ Yinghuai high-speed rail service brand, providing passengers with reservations, full journey, thoughtful, warm high-speed rail services, so that passengers travel intimate and warm heart.”In this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, railways should not only implement the “one plan per day” policy precisely based on changes in passenger flow and the advance sale of tickets, scientifically organize passenger flow and provide better service for passengers, but also guard the railway “pass” in epidemic prevention and control.Chu Maogao, head of Fuyang West Railway Station, said that in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival travel rush, fuyang West Railway Station will implement epidemic prevention and control measures in a scientific and precise way, strengthen temperature measurement and code verification, dynamically adjust the channel for temperature measurement (code), and arrange the “health code” verification and registration channel for people off the Internet.The entry and exit gates, elevators and seats in waiting rooms should be disinfected every 2 hours. Meanwhile, the station should be ventilated and disinfected, broadcast and propaganda should be strengthened to remind passengers to take personal protection and wear masks.Responsible editor: Wu Xiaohui Source :56 China News Network