February 12 KPL debut: GK refights e-star, can the nirvana xipeng defeat Donghai?

2022-05-31 0 By

Hello everyone, I am the fingertip. The starting list of KPL regular season will be announced on February 12th. What are the highlights of the three games?Take a look.15:00 MTG vs Xi ‘an WE (Group A) is the first game of group A, MTG and WE have A large number of personnel rotation, and last season, MTG had rushed into group S, but the follow-up still fell back to group A, experienced A big change of situation, in this season they can play what results?Mo fan still stay long dragon, the two men had been in the MTG, and play are fairly good, especially the long dragon, is the core of the team, came out from the hero is always here, all the same absorbed from the hero’s long, two people which had no hand in hand, but after all, with a team, don’t know how can wipe out the spark,As for love and Lin Ran, really do not know how the level.While WE in the last game playing is really beautiful, even under the condition of RW man take first match point after winning three games, won the season’s first let two after three, from estar XuanYing, thousands of the world, Payne performance is pretty good, though a beat is RW, but still can see some potential, I personally will prefer WE in the game.17:00 Suzhou KSG vs Beijing WB (Group B) The second match is group B, but no one will feel that this match is meaningless, KSG has completed a big change this time, each position has been replaced, the last match 3:1VG played well, small A from former WE, breeze from MTG,This kind of team running in and out of the group is a big problem, which can not be seen in a single match. Therefore, facing WB this time, the pressure is put on them.After all, there are 15 teams, if not 17, that can win RNGM, so it can’t be determined by the outcome of a match. But objectively speaking, the WB configuration can be expected. Zi Mo is from Estar, and he has endured for a long time as an adult.Is with 12 million worth, can not play the effect should not be, and Joe Xi and Xingyu have proved themselves at different times, plus the original nakano combination, from the configuration is really good.So WB has a better chance of winning this match. can KSG, a completely restructured team, withstand the pressure?20:00 Foshan GK vs Wuhan eStarPro (GROUP S) the third game is the focus of the battle, group S showdown, GK versus ESTAR, the two teams have played many times before, GK lost more than win less, after a long off-season, they only have one coach change, I don’t know whether the transformation can be completed.
Last game GK3:2 beat TES, is a narrow victory, but from the last game, Pengpeng really completed the transformation, can C, in his body to see the shadow of the sea of flowers, is not know this time in the face of the recognized top wild king, Pengpeng can C up, after all, this opponent is too strong.Estar has not lost a big game since losing to Wolves in the autumn. In the last game, estAR defeated TTG with a score of 3:1. Although we can feel that estAR’s dominance is decreasing, it is still the top level of the league.Estar is more likely to win this match, which is probably the majority of viewers’ prediction, don’t you think?Let us know what you think in the comments section.