3 people unexpectedly deep behind enemy lines, all the way to cut melons and vegetables, scared the Indian army officers to step on the gas to escape

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Our army has attached great importance to infantry tactics since its establishment.After all, infantry combat, often based on the field, so in the movement to kill the enemy, for the enemy to bring dazzling interludes and flanking attacks, and then with the rapid potential to kill the enemy, is the essence of our army infantry.As early as during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, our army established the “three-three system” tactics. After entering the War of Liberation, this tactic reached a perfect stage under the continuous actual combat of the Northeast Field Army.”Three-three system” tactics can make use of flexible cooperation between soldiers, give full play to their advantages, and then make up for our army’s inadequacy in individual combat firepower.So, what is the “3 by 3” tactic?How should it be implemented?The so-called “three by three” tactic usually consists of three soldiers in a combat group, and then the three groups are combined into a combat class.Whether offensive or defensive, the battle formation is always triangular.The team members were very clear about their mission, with one responsible for the attack and the other two for cover and fire support.The “three-three system” tactics can realize both attack and defense, usually under the command of the combat squad leader, the distance between soldiers is generally about eight steps, three people in cooperation, greatly improving the combat effectiveness of our army.After a long and arduous war, the PLA has developed a uniquely fierce and highly practical set of individual and platoon tactical moves, and relied on them to defeat no one in the world.In the war of resistance to the United States and Aid to Korea and the previous battles after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, when our army launched a charge and broke through the POSITIONS of the United States, the tactical action adopted is the three-three system.Although the American artillery was fierce, our army took advantage of this advantage, drove the American army back to the 38th parallel, and defeated the first-class army in the world.After the end of the war, American officers have made a high evaluation of the 3×3 system tactics of China’s volunteers, blunt our army in the Korean battlefield, fully play our advantages.During world War I, our infantry tactics reached their peak, and in the following battles with The Indian army, they were as unstoppable as chopping up melons and vegetables.In 1962, our border troops officially launched a counter-attack against India.The ninth company of the 163rd Regiment of the 55th Division, as a company of sharp knives, had been ordered to attack at night the unknown highland east of the West Pass, where one of the Best Indian companies was preparing to compete with our army.Under the cover of darkness, the ninth Company approached the Indian position silently.At this moment, an Indian soldier who came to patrol found the 9th Company by accident, and a flurry of resistance followed.The Soldiers of the Indian army grabbed the machine gun and swept it randomly. The soldiers of the nine companies took out grenades one after another and threw them at the Positions of the Indian army. Suddenly, all the machine guns of the Indian army were dumb.Subsequently, the ninth Company launched a charge and wiped out the Indian troops on the position at one stroke.Seeing this, the Indian artillery behind the high ground could not hold back and began to shoot back with howitzers.However, the Indian army had just fired a few shells, but there was no movement.It turned out that there was a situation in the artillery corps position of the Indian army, which was lifted by the three fighting groups led by pang Guoxing, the lone hero of the ninth Company.When the ninth Company launched the attack, some Indian soldiers only fled, so Pang Guoxing and Wang Shijun rushed after them, and ran Fulin, a new soldier who had just joined the army, followed them.Shortly afterwards, in the course of the chase, the three men lost contact with their troops.After losing contact, the three volunteered to form a three-man fighting group, with Pang Guoxing as the leader. They boldly penetrated 7.5 kilometers into the Indian army and fought five battles, capturing two artillery positions in a row, defeating half of the Indian artillery corps and capturing seven artillery pieces.It is true that the Indian artillery corps, to give it a better name, had a fighting capacity that was laughable.The three men went deep behind the enemy lines and chased them to the side of a highway. The Indian army saw only the three of them and began to shoot.Pang Guoxing led the two men to hide first, and then the three made a bold decision to eat the group of enemies.Under the leadership of pang Guoxing this veteran, three people take a roundabout approach, launched an attack on the enemy.In the course of the battle, Pang Guoxing took Over Ran Fulin’s rifle and killed the Commander of the Indian army with extraordinary marksmanship. Without the commander, the soldiers fled in panic, losing the will to resist.Pang Guoxing (middle) Ran Fulin (left) Wang Shijun (right) If the enemy wants to run, pursue him.In the process of pursuit, Pang Guoxing found that the Three Howitzers of the Indian army were crazy to fire at our army, so pang Guoxing they said nothing, such as heaven to the earth to the Artillery position of the Indian army rushed past.At that moment, the Indian soldiers, who had just been playing high, suddenly became silly. Facing the fierce strafing of the three men, they hurriedly dropped their artillery and fled for their lives.At the same time, a convoy of Indian army officers happened to pass by, but after hearing pang Guoxing and their fierce gunfire, they actually began to increase their power to escape, without any idea of fighting.Pang Guoxing three people more and more brave, all the way forward, soon they came to a hillside, three people fixed their eyes, the foot of the Indian army is the artillery position of the elite fourth Division.Then, the three men, commanding the mountain, opened fire.This time, the Artillery of the Indian army, also confused, how they could not think of their own behind the Chinese soldiers, god knows how many people, or just run away.This time, however, they had some sense and blew up four howitzers themselves.Continuous fighting, Pang Guoxing they decided to rest, however, the veteran’s vigilance told him that a big crisis is approaching them.Sure enough, pang Guoxing raised the telescope at the moment, a burst of gunfire came, behind the hill, more than 200 Indian troops rushed down.Pang Guoxing quickly looked around, took Wang Shijun and Ran Fulin into the woods beside the highway and hid himself.They had not eaten or eaten a mouthful since the chase, and, looking at the snow on the branches, they seized the only “food” they had, and put it to their mouths.After a few breaths, they began to discuss the next step of the battle plan.Pang guoxing said: “Now we have lost contact with our company, but our comrades will certainly call us.Meet the enemy more, we hit guerrilla, the enemy less we kill him, continue to cooperate with the troops counterattack!”The three men took a rest and began to look for opportunities to approach a tent on the road. When they approached the tent, gunshots were heard in the woods on the side. The three men immediately fell on their bellies and shot back, killing three Indian soldiers.At that moment, the top of the hill, gunshots rang out from a group of troops are with favorable terrain for our shooting, PangGuoXing once again took the RanFuLin rifle in his hand, after a gunshot, the enemy commander fell, no commander, the top of the mountain troops began to flee for life, without the fighting spirit of the ace division.After capturing the top of the hill, Pang’s battle group joined forces with the main force.Indian army elite field artillery regiment, the whole regiment up and down also 24 howitzers, but pang Guoxing they three fighting group, destroyed most of the.On August 26, 1963, the Ministry of National Defense issued an order granting Pang guoxing the title of “battle hero”.In October 1963, he was received by Chairman MAO and other leaders on the Tiananmen Rostrum.In fact, our military, not only has been superior in infantry tactics, defeating every enemy that has tried to provoke us, but it is also capable of advancing mechanization and information technology to the forefront of the 21st century and defeating all enemies in future wars.Pang Guoxing and the three of them represent the fighting style of our army: inexhaustible fighting spirit, overwhelming all the enemy, never be surrendered by the enemy, no matter in any difficult and difficult occasions, as long as there is one person, will continue to fight.