Before the PLA troops entered the city, the Taiwan army said that there was a large area of darkness on the radar, and the Taiwan authorities were upset

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The PLA has not yet “invaded the city”, the patrol of the new J-16D fighter jet over Taiwan has brought great pressure to the Taiwan authorities.Taiwan media said that THE J-16D electronic pod has the ability to interfere with the Taiwan military system, the Taiwan military early warning radar appeared dark, the Taiwan military was completely suppressed, the Taiwan authorities under the mentality to collapse.According to, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) sent 13 military aircraft, including 8 J-16 fighter jets, 2 H-6K bombers, 1 Y-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft and 2 J-16D fighters, to patrol the Taiwan Straits on January 24.Although the number of aircraft patrolling Taiwan was far smaller than the previous day’s number, the presence of a new face in the fleet — the J-16D fighter jet — has sparked heated discussion in asia-pacific countries and the media.After all, this is the first time the J-16D has been officially seen in airspace southwest of Taiwan since its debut at the Zhuhai Air Show in September 2021.The sudden appearance of the J-16D has also caused great shock in the Taiwan military on the island, not only because the J-16D is one of the most advanced fighter jets in the PLA, but also because it caused “serious interference and influence” on the Radar system of the Taiwan military during its patrols over the Taiwan Strait, sources said.According to Taiwan media reports, when the J-16D fighter jet was cruising over the Taiwan Sea, the Taiwan military’s long-range early warning radar screen suddenly appeared “dark” picture.Although Taiwan army technicians urgently adjusted the radar system, but did not change the embarrassing situation.The reason for this is that the electronic pod carried by THE J-16D fighter aircraft of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army has carried out electronic suppression and electromagnetic interference on the Radar system of the Taiwan military, which makes the Radar of the Taiwan military lose its “useful place”.Fu Qianshao, a military expert, noted that the J-16D can support other aircraft at short range by jamming enemy anti-aircraft missile bases and radar systems, and that the Chinese mainland is one of the few countries in the world with the capability to develop and manufacture electronic warfare aircraft.It can play a good “lead” role in the future information war, and can use “soft” and “hard” two ways to complete combat tasks.It is worth mentioning that, unlike previous electronic warfare aircraft of the PLA, the J-16D is a military aircraft with relatively forced air capability, which can not only conduct self-defense operations, but also provide certain protection for other military aircraft.This is obviously not good news for the Taiwan authorities and the Taiwan army. After all, the PLA now has A weapon that can match the performance of the US E/A-18G Growler. Although the PLA has not officially entered the city, the emergence of A series of new military equipment has made the Taiwan authorities somewhat broken down.They have found that over time, the overall military power gap between the two sides will only widen.The arrival of only two J-16D fighters at present makes it difficult for them to cope, and how will they respond in the future when the PLA really comes to power?Therefore, it also means that tsai Ing-wen and the DPP authorities’ attempt to “reject unification by force” and “use foreign forces to resist China” is in vain, because no matter how hard they “try”, they will only get a failure in the end.In addition, the appearance of THE J-16D also indicates that the possibility of the US sending troops to “help defend Taiwan” is decreasing.As is known to all, although the US government has always stressed its adherence to the One-China policy and stated that it does not support “Taiwan independence”, it has repeatedly claimed that the Chinese mainland is prohibited from “unilaterally changing the status quo across the Taiwan Straits through military means”.In other words, it is in the best interest of the United States to realize the situation of “no unification nor independence” between the two sides, so that the United States can frequently use the Taiwan issue to contain the Chinese mainland and play the “Taiwan card” against China in the game between China and the United States to recover its disadvantages.But the appearance of the J-16D shows that China’s regional anti-access capability is increasing.If the US insists on intervening in a war across the Taiwan Strait and wants to support the Taiwan authorities and the “Taiwan independence” forces on the island, it should first ask whether the J-16D fighter jets and other advanced weapons and equipment of the PLA will be accepted.As a matter of fact, there are two main reasons for the J-16D fighter tour in the Taiwan Strait. First, it is to test the electronic warfare effect of THE J-16D and to check the “bottom line” of the Taiwan military on the island, so as to prepare for the follow-up operations.Second, it should remind the US and Japan’s aircraft carrier task force in the South China Sea that the South China Sea is not their “back garden” and they should be careful.The subsequent results also perfectly explain the “effect” of the J-16D’s cruise to Taiwan. Not only did the Taiwan military’s early warning radar fail, but the US aircraft carrier flaunting its military might in the South China Sea even crashed the F-35C, which greatly reduced the momentum of the US-Taiwan military alliance.Therefore, the VISIT of THE J-16D fighter jets to Taiwan can be said to “kill two birds with one stone”, let the US and Taiwan authorities understand that the Taiwan issue will be resolved, and must be resolved, dare to stand in the way of reunification of the two sides of the historical trend, then should be prepared to bear the WRATH of the PLA and accept their own losses.