Heshan District Longguangqiao street: Party building leading the fight against “epidemic” do not forget the busy spring ploughing

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Party Day practice activity of “Food in hand, not panic in heart” in Stalagmite Village.Rednet moment Yiyang March 28 news (correspondent Feng Run) “we wear masks, refuel dry!Today we finished the 10 mu field together!”On March 27, in order to cope with the continuous low temperature weather, ensure the grain production results, heshan District, Longguangqiao street Shisagun village party branch organized party members, concerted efforts to prepare emergency rice paddy.Spring planting season and tide wait for no man, the current in the epidemic prevention and control crucial stage, is the key time, for spring production were guming area Long Guangqiao street to “anti epidemic, protect spring” as the focus, give full play to the party leading role, rob farming, farming preparation and strong service, ensure the epidemic prevention and control and spring production principle of “, his hands hard “.Street villages (communities) grass-roots party organizations seize the agricultural time, take the initiative to stimulate party members in the production line to serve the masses, promote policies, lead the initiative of development, the use of “five to the household” “knock on the door action” to go to the village, combined with the grid group, public number, online services;Gather party leaders and large grain growers, decompose the early rice area and concentrated seedling area task, understand the existing puzzles and problems, carry out concentrated seedling technology training;At the same time, on the premise of implementing graded and classified epidemic prevention measures, doing a good job in personal protection and avoiding people gathering, major grain growers were organized to carry out agricultural production to ensure the promotion of spring farming production.Branch leadership, activate the new power of rural revitalization.Street Shisagun village party general branch organization to carry out the “grain in hand, not panic in the heart” theme of the party day practice activities, more than 30 party members at home, wearing party badges, rolled up pants, the field to throw rice more than 10 mu, the party members in the field were encouraged to donate money and materials, help hometown spring farming production.Daoziping village is located in mountainous areas, low temperature, farmers planting double season rice willingness is not strong, the village party general branch launched party members to vigorously promote the latest agricultural subsidy policy, but also the government provided free of charge of 3000 jins of seed grain concentrated soaking good, improve the seedling rate, increase output, boost the confidence of large grain households, stable agricultural basic plate.The Party group takes the lead and runs out of spring ploughing production acceleration.Wulongba village first branch party member, large grain farmer Tang Guangqian, in the “spring cold” adhere to work, this year not only planting early rice 286 mu, seedling seedling 10 mu, but also prepared a 12 mu emergency seedling field, ensure the early rice area task successfully completed.Since the spring, understand knowledge, science and technology “95 after” farms, extremely busy during Shang Qing, rich rice fragrant village as part of a youth leader, she will collect to the policy information timely passed to the villagers’ friend, will collect the feedback problems to the village party branch, unimpeded information bridge, Shang Qing said “policy now so good, we should take the lead to dry,Try to have a good harvest at the end of the year.”At present, Longguangqiao Street in Heshan District has sufficient agricultural supplies and stable supply, and spring tillage production has been carried out in an orderly manner. 26,000 mu of early rice seedling planting field has been completed, and 11,000 mu of tillage field has been completed.The streets will continue to follow the guidance of party building and take multiple measures to reduce the impact of epidemic prevention and control on spring farming production, effectively ensure the stability of grain supply and vegetable basket, and help rural revitalization.