Changfeng police station guard family reunion protect a party peace

2022-05-21 0 By

Nonyl tiger year Spring Festival, shijiazhuang changan branch of changfeng police station auxiliary police efforts to all the people for the masses to celebrate the New Year to create a safe and stable social security environment, combined closely with the shield storm “clean-up” action, and always adhere to the “highest standard, the most strict and most measures”, the solid foundation to carry out the duty BeiQin, patrol, security control, responsibility and bear with stick,Watch the lights with action.At the two duty stations of Yuhua expressway and Xizhaotong expressway, the civil auxiliary police, in accordance with the unified deployment of the sub-bureau and strict requirements, conscientiously do epidemic prevention and control work, strengthen epidemic prevention and control, and strictly prevent the importation of the epidemic.During the Spring Festival, changfeng auxiliary police station people in jurisdictions more important areas to implement 24-hour patrol unattended, strengthen the dynamic cruise control, timely find street all kinds of emergency, the potential risks, increase the rate of street see p ratio and the steward, to carry out related convenient service for the populace or emergency assistance, to ensure society overall situation continued stability.Changfeng police station effectively strengthened the fire safety inspection of fireworks and other dangerous items, resolutely eliminate security risks to ensure public safety.Changfeng police station comprehensively strengthened the overall deployment of social patrol prevention and control and emergency response work, strictly implemented the “1 minute” disposal circle patrol service requirements, immediately responded to the police, solve the urgent needs for the masses, leave the satisfaction to the masses, truly do practical things for the masses, solve problems.In the strengthening of duty preparation work, changfeng police station police do not forget the anti-fraud research, early warning and other work, cover the people’s money bags, protect the people’s property safety.All the auxiliary police of Changfeng police Station stick to their posts and fulfill their duties during the festival, fully showing a good spirit and a good style of thinking about the overall situation and listening to orders, providing a strong security guarantee for the people to spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.(Correspondent Guo Junfeng)