Japan seeks the treasure of decades, be discovered by northeast old farmer unexpectedly, Japan comes to ask for after exposure

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Heilongjiang one old farmer mountain sheep, unexpectedly discovered, the Japanese army of world War II left treasure, the Japanese descendants after exposure, also asked China to return?What is this treasure that the old farmer discovered?Why did Japan have such a big reaction?Interested partners can like attention.In a small village near mada Mountain in Heilongjiang Province, an old farmer went to graze his sheep on the nearby mountain as usual. The large number of sheep soon ate up all the grass in the area. As winter was approaching, the sheep had less and less grass to eat.In order to feed the sheep, the old farmer decided to “develop” a new area, so he took the sheep to the mountains, where he had rarely been, while the old farmer was sitting on a stone mound, ready to take a rest.A screaming sheep frighten him awake, the old farmer quickly got up to check the situation, walked into the discovery that there was a sheep, accidentally fell into a cave, in order to save the sheep, the old farmer decided to go deep into the cave to see.The cave cave down the old farmer, but found that from the outside look at the cave small, did not expect to like deep well, slippery for a long time to reach the bottom of the hole, to be the old farmer slowly god to find that the inside of the hole is amazing!The old farmer had lived here all his life and never knew there was such a place in the village where he lived.Frightened, the old farmer hurriedly looked for his lost sheep, but from those caves around, the old farmer not only did not find his sheep, even out of the way also failed to find.Old farmer this just panic god, wish can’t be trapped here?This far off, and this deep, it’s obviously impossible to call for help.Mysterious cave so, the old farmer aimless shuttle in the cave, go tired and sleepy, just when the old farmer at a loss, suddenly in a cave, found some canned goods.Hungry and thirsty at this time, he, no matter what the origin of these cans, can also eat, open is a gorging, solve the problem of eating, but in the end how to go out?In this way, the poor old farmer walked around the cave for three days and nights, during which time he found POTS and pans, a kitchen, and even a huge reservoir.After experiencing untold hardships, the old farmer finally found the exit of the Madashan caves. After this thrilling experience, the old farmer fell ill after returning home and was in a coma for several days.Mysterious cave until wake up, the family are very worried, and the old farmer because of excessive scare, have forgotten where the mouth of the cave, the old farmer accidentally discovered that mysterious cave, will be the Japanese army during World War II left the treasure?In fact, over the years, the local cultural heritage bureau has received a lot of cultural relics discovered from Mt. Madashan, in addition to a variety of special shaped ceramics, and even received 61 strange coins.After the cultural relics experts at that time found that these cultural relics are very Japanese style, like during the War of Resistance against Japan, the things left when Japan stationed troops in the northeast.Amorous feelings of Japanese wine left by the Japanese army things, also let many villagers speculation, the Japanese army, certainly planted here what treasure, and one of the old farmer, had found a strange caves, there probably is in possession of the treasure of Japan, but it’s a pity that the old farmer because of fright, don’t remember the location of the cave.Heard that the northeast found the Japanese buried treasure, the Japanese in that, soon appeared in Heilongjiang Dongning ma Da mountain, they came, is to find the mysterious cave.Ma Da mountain, will there really be buried Japanese treasure?What was it that the Japanese were after?Treasure mysterious Japanese appeared just a few years ago, heilongjiang Ma Da mountain villagers, picked up more and more Japanese porcelain, above is clearly written in Japanese, this thing, attracted a batch of Japanese, came to the small Ma Da mountain.The Japanese, with their tattered maps in hand, pointed at the Mountain. They went in with their interpreters and asked one villager after another.Then, instead of decreasing, there were more and more Japanese, even Japanese experts and scholars, and they came for the purpose of looking for the mouth of the legendary cave.The presence of a large number of Japanese in Madashan has also attracted the attention of the local government, which sent the fire brigade, along with staff from the cultural heritage Bureau, to investigate.Madashan later in the old farmer’s efforts to recall, a party of people finally found the entrance of the cave, the fire brigade with a large number of exploration equipment, carefully into the cave, after reaching the bottom of the cave, they saw the caves connected with the caves, just like a maze.There were also clear signs of burning fire, suggesting that the cave had been hit by a fire that covered every cave.In the cave, the fire brigade also saw the various civilian facilities found by the farmer at that time, not only the kitchen, dining room, but also the huge reservoir.What is certain is that this cave was probably used by the Japanese army to store military equipment, or to temporarily live there, but other than that there was no treasure that the Japanese were looking for.Caves Many of the caves in the cave were so old that they showed signs of collapse and had been scorched by fire that there was nothing of value left in the whole cave.When a pedestrian was at a loss, a fireman suddenly found a safe-like thing in a corner, and it was well preserved, except for the concave and concave bullet marks on the box body, and there was no sign of serious damage.Is this the so-called treasure that countless Japanese seek?But it didn’t look like it, because the safe wasn’t heavy, and there was obviously nothing in it.And these bullet marks, most likely, were shot and killed by the Japanese when they fled, trying to take the box with them, and the bullet hit the safe and left the mark.In the end, the expedition did not find the legendary treasure from the cave, but many questions remained in their minds.Like how did the fire start in the cave?Was it an accident?Or did the Japanese want to destroy something in this way?Besides, the Mt. Majda caves, such a large project, need at least tens of thousands of people to participate in the construction, and why hidden so deep underground?What exactly are these caves used for?What secrets are hidden in the huge caves the Japanese built in the northeast?Why were the Madashan caves burned by fire?Is it because there’s some kind of treasure in there?What is it that the Japanese have been looking for for more than 20 years and have never given up?When it comes to the Mata Mountain caves, we have to start from Japan’s invasion of the Three Northeastern provinces. At that time, the Japanese army was full of ambition. After occupying the three northeastern provinces of Our country, it even caught the attention of the Soviet Union.So how do you fight the mighty Soviet army?The answer is fortress tactics.In 1933, the Japanese army brought experts to Dongning in Heilongjiang province, where they planned to complete the underground project.The underground works found in Madashan were only part of the numerous fortification projects in Dongning. The Japanese built a series of fortification groups in the northeast of The Sino-Soviet Union and the Sino-Mongolian border, with a total length of up to 3700 kilometers!Japan invaded the three Northeastern provinces because Dongning was the closest to the Soviet Union and became the most fiercely fought position between Japan and the Soviet Union. Moreover, the fortress of Dongning was also the largest one with the largest number of troops among the numerous fortresses.Among them, the fortresses of Mt. Madashan, Mt. Triangle and 409 Heights were included. Around the fortresses, the Japanese built fortresses one by one, forming numerous main positions.These positions were surrounded by solid concrete fortifications built by the Japanese, and the interior of the forts was equipped with a range of living facilities and a great deal of logistical supplies.Even if the Soviet Union did not have any supplies to fight against the Japanese army, 130,000 Japanese soldiers in Dongning Fortress held out for half a year without any problems, relying on supplies from the fortress.And how is such a large-scale excavation and construction done?In fact, most of the forts built by the Japanese in northeast China were chiselled bit by bit by Chinese “laborers” with hammers.In the Dongning fortress, there were 170,000 laborers. Although there were no treasures in Mata Mountain, there were unspeakable crimes. The Japanese invaders stained their military fortress with the blood of Chinese laborers.With these forts, the Japanese army withstood repeated Soviet attacks. These forts played an important role in the fighting between the Japanese and Soviet armies for 14 years from the September 18 Incident to the end of World War II.During this period, the Japanese army suffered more defeats than victories, but because of the support of the fortress, it was able to advance and retreat easily and suffered no great losses.Until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan, and dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan.Japan surrendered unconditionally in the end, but the Japanese aggressions in the Ma Da Mountain, but also want to do the last resistance, the Soviet army in order to deal with the Japanese fortress, a large number of fuel ammunition, thrown into the cave, killing many Japanese soldiers in the fortress.Fuel and ammunition were thrown into the caves and the Japanese who came to Mt. Mata, most likely descendants of the Invading Japanese, came to Mt. Mata, not to find treasure, but to find the remains of their fathers and grandfathers.History has proved once again that just wars are always won while evil invasions are always defeated. The Japanese soldiers burned to death in Mt. Madashan are the best proof of defeat.