How much tax should I pay on 10,000 yuan?

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How much tax should I pay on 10,000 yuan?Personal income tax of 1,120 yuan will be paid on 10,000 yuan of royalties.Personal income tax is required for the income from author’s remuneration. If the amount of author’s remuneration is less than 4000 YUAN, 800 yuan can be deducted: tax payable = (author’s remuneration income -800) *20%;Tax payable = income from author’s remuneration * (1-20%) *70%*20%.As the name implies, the remuneration paid to the author after the publication of the work is the material compensation for the author’s creation. It is an important economic right enjoyed by the copyright owner, and no one can deprive it at will.What are the benefits of personal income tax?First, proof.For individuals, it can be used as their income proof to provide income proof for their loans (house purchase, car purchase, etc.). If they and their units have labor disputes, it can also provide important proof basis.Second, increase government revenue.Individual income tax levied by the state can ensure the stability of fiscal revenue and adjust income distribution is conducive to realizing social equity.With the development of economy, the widening gap between the rich and the poor will gradually appear, which may become a negative factor affecting social stability. Levying progressive tax on individual income can reduce the degree of unfair social distribution and alleviate social conflicts.Third, it has the function of automatic stabilizer.Since personal income tax rates are generally progressive, tax revenues grow faster than personal income in good times, automatically keeping inflation in check;On the other hand, income falls faster than personal income in a recession, preventing deflation.