Serie A: atalanta upset, Juventus into the champions league and Napoli into second place

2022-05-18 0 By

For daily sports news, click on the upper right corner to follow the night of February 6 to 7 Beijing time, the 24th round of Serie A matches.Atalanta pulled off a shock 2-1 home defeat to cagliari, with perreiro scoring twice.Bologna drew 0-0 with Empoli, failing to convert on 26 shots.Sampdoria went on a rampage at home, sweeping Sassuolo 4-0, with caputo, Sensi, Conti and Candreva all scoring.Napoli thrashed Venice 2-0 away with goals from Osmaine and Petagna.Udinese thrashed Torino 2-0, with goals from pucseto and molina.Juventus beat Verona 2-0 with goals from Vlahovic and Zakaria.Atalanta had a chance to open the scoring against cagliari, but his shot was blocked off the bar.The first half was nothing for either side.Perreiro scored for Cagliari early in the second half.Atlanta is in trouble.Musso then fouled, earning him a red card and a send-off.Atlanta had to play a man down to make things worse.However, tenacious Atalanta equalized with a goal from Palomino.Soon cagliari scored again, again by Perreiro.Atalanta failed to score again and had to settle for a 2-1 defeat.Atlanta gave up three points to make it harder to get to four.Naples took it against Venice, which was also weaker.Naples although the first half occupied the absolute initiative, got a lot of shooting opportunities, but, has not been able to break the gate of Venice.Neither Zelinski nor Osmein’s shot went in.It was only in the second half that Napoli seized the opportunity to score, osmaine heading in.Ebouehi was sent off for a foul at the end of the game.Then Petania scored the game-killing goal.Napoli won 2-0, their fourth straight league win.Goals came quickly for Juventus against Verona, with Vlahovic scoring in the 12th minute.It was vlahovic’s first appearance since joining Juve and he quickly helped the team with a goal.It was also the only goal of the first half.Zakaria extended the lead with a push in the second half.It was only the second time in Juventus’ history that both new signings had scored on their debuts.Verona were never able to score.Juventus won 2-0 and took all three points.At the top of the table, Inter milan remain top with 53 points from 23 games.Napoli moved up to second place on 52 points with the win, just one point behind Inter.AC Milan also finished third with 52 points.Juventus moved above Atalanta into fourth place on 45 points to clinch their place in the champions League.Atlanta dropped to fifth place with 43 points.Lazio are sixth on 39 points and Roma are seventh on 39 points.