Germany plans to impose an export ban on dangerous pesticides

2022-05-18 0 By

Germany will ban the export of dangerous pesticides to other countries as millions of people around the world have been affected by accidental poisoning, Federal Development Minister Erich Schulze said on Thursday.Schulze also criticized pesticide companies for increasingly selling dangerous pesticides on the continent that are banned by the European Union.”Relying on credit to obtain resistant seeds and corresponding pesticides is an unacceptable business model for small farmers in developing countries,” she said.Schulze hopes to increase cooperation with partner countries in organic agriculture to jointly promote sustainable agricultural development.The German Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation and the Heinrich Bohr Foundation have also called for strict restrictions on the use of pesticides and a ban on the export of pesticides whose sale is banned in the EU.Global pesticide use has increased by 80% since 1990, according to the newly published Pesticide Manual 2022.The increasing use of pesticides has led to an increase in poisonings, particularly in Africa and Asia.About 255 million pesticide poisonings occur in Asia and more than 100 million in Africa each year, compared with about 1.6 million in Europe, according to the report.(Article source: CCTV News client)