Four good imperial examination articles “imperial examination of men’s men” worth staying up to chase the kind

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Hello, everyone, welcome to Ming Bao tweet book, today to recommend you are four good imperial examinations, do not miss oh.The first “imperial examination of men’s men big guy” author: cherry cake disguised as men’s examination, mixed court, into big guy.Zhengshi Hall, Cheng Ping lazy sleep.Lu Yunming walked slowly over and threw his cloak over her.Cheng Ping woke up with a start: “Thank you For your concern.”Lu Yunming negative hand smile, “just cheng take a nap, some suddenly think of a northern folk song, ‘male rabbit feet flapping new moon, female rabbit eyes blurred’, I do not know cheng xiang heard no?”Cheng Ping immediately stared big eyes, I open generation of power, how can it be a rabbit?Especially not female rabbits!The second “the system forces me to take the imperial examination” author: 17 to a brief introduction: cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man to take the imperial examination road this is a student from poor grades to excellent grades of students reverse attack history.The protagonist is lazy and does not want to make progress. Under the transformation of the system, he opens and hangs all the way.Outsiders are gu Zhuangyuan day vertical prodigy, baiguan envy Gu Shao rise to the top, only gu Shao himself knows, he originally just want to mix eat and wait for death.The third book “peasant’s ancient imperial examination life” author: Qu Running Water female wear male, dress as a man does not matter, the key is still a weak and sickly peasant can not work, he can only imperial examination for their own way out.By his own efforts, step by step struggle, finally realized the desire to change the family.Every character in this article is very distinct, there is no disorderly concubine, house fighting, the author advocates family harmony.This makes it look easy for the reader.This article describes the story of the hero after crossing, one step at a time, leading his family to struggle steadfaily, and using their knowledge to invent, to benefit the people.There is no complex intrigue in the article, only the male master a steadfast struggle to live a better life.The style is simple and pleasant.Here is Ming Bao push book, today’s content has been pushed, like the friends of Ming Bao push book click a thumbs up and then go.Four men is the ancient words of the ministers sweet pet text, the right to tilt the court, strength pet wife four books were delayed by the title of the ancient words sweet pet text, “married to the general after farming daily” super good-looking ancient words kind of tian wen recommended, simple and warm first-class writing style, help you solve the book shortage