“Warm man” is on duty to protect the warmth of the family

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Spring Festival is the day of family reunion, but in this warm and peaceful festive atmosphere, there are a group of “warm men”, unknown to the public to stick to their posts, guard the heating stream, so that thousands of families enjoy the “warm winter”.”Hello Sir, happy New Year!I am a staff member of thermoelectric group, you called to say that your home is not warm, we have a look, can you help us open the building door?”At 8:40 on February 3, Cong Lin and Zou Xiaobin of Weihai Thermal Power Group received a hot line to check the reason for a user.Cong Lin is checking the heating facilities in the user building.And so they drove to the user downstairs, but found that the user because of temporary emergency out of the home.Two people while and repair the user telephone communication, while in the help of the building residents, into the building to check heating facilities.The indoor water temperature of the repairing user is 48℃, and the outdoor water temperature is 40.3℃, with sufficient heat.Cong Lin entered the corridor, squatting carefully before heating facilities.”Through checking the flow meter, we know that the heating of the whole building is normal. The incoming flow of the users who called the hotline reached more than 400 cubic meters per hour, and the incoming water temperature was 48℃ and the outgoing water temperature was 40.3℃. The flow was completely normal and the heat was sufficient.”After analyzing the situation, Cong Lin checked the heating situation of the neighboring houses of the user who reported repairing, and found that the user who reported repairing belonged to the first floor, and the user on the upper floor did not turn on the heating. “I think the reason why the user reported repairing did not feel warm should be that the lack of heating on the upper floor caused a large heat loss in his home.”Cong Lin inspects the heating facilities in the residential building.After finding out the cause, Cong Lin called the user to explain the situation, and suggested that the user add several groups of radiator to improve the indoor temperature.According to Cong Lin: “Daily users reflect the home is not warm, we will first check the heating situation of the whole area, and then look at the heating situation of the user’s building and the user’s home, find out the reason to help users solve.”After finishing the work, Cong Lin and her colleagues went to the heating station to check the pressure and temperature of the station to see whether the heating equipment was running safely and stably.Cong Lin and her colleagues check heating facilities in the heating station.Inside the station, the machines rumble, and the enclosed space increases the decibel level of the already shrill machines, so they can only communicate with each other by raising their voices.”Heating is a dynamic process. The more you can’t walk away during the Spring Festival holiday, the work may be busier than usual, but we are used to it.”After 10 years of working in the industry, Cong Lin and his “warm male” colleagues have long been accustomed to sticking to their posts during Spring Festival holidays.Cong Lin checks heating facilities in the heating station.Cong Lin’s area at present a total of 13 people, responsible for 2.4 million square meters of heating area services, they every day by the heating pipe network, the station building, use a probe to monitor pipelines, drill the heat well, in order to discover hidden danger in time, do early treatment, early solution, to solve problem in the bud, let people warm and holidays.Supervisor: Ding Xiuling as a whole: Wang Xueyun Editor: Xing Guizhou Format: Zhang Xiaotong Read: Zhang Ru Xin Weihai Evening News reporter Zhou Yingwen/figure ▲ These personnel suspended to Lu!Shandong disease control latest release!Bring @ weihai driver, these new rules from April 1, in the words bring diagram + | charcoal fire pot, hot bath, blow air conditioning…Watch out for carbon monoxide!▲ The network security review method is clear: master the information of more than one million users to go public abroad must be reviewed