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Bean wisdom (VEZEL) accumulated over 1 million vehicles in the domestic sales in 2021 nearly seven years, continued at a speed of 380 + every day a circle powder domestic small SUV market sales the rankings as Honda global models bean wisdom (parameters) | | inquiry series models footprint across five continents,Sell like hot cakes around the world nearly 130 countries capture 4.5 million “wisdom powder”……VEZEL is not only selling well,58 joint J.D. Power issued the “2021 China car warranty rate list” VEZEL retained the small SUV warranty rate list No.2 years of stable “China car warranty rate research report” small SUV warranty rate list top three sales, warranty rate double high 01The VEZEL has two powertrains, 220TURBO and 1.5L, of which the 220TURBO is capable of speeding up to 100km in 9s and achieving excellent fuel consumption.The 220 TURBO power system 2 is equipped with the Honda CONNCT (Intelligent and guided Connectivity) system to achieve road conditions, online information, voice control and other functions equipped with HondaSENNSING intelligent driving assistance system realizes ACC active cruise and lane keeping to reduce the pressure of road driving 03Tide “playmate” bean wisdom (VEZEL) as a temperature, the tide of fun “playmate” always pay attention to the emotional resonance with the young people began in 2014 bean wisdom (VEZEL) continue to create “pioneer art marketing” series of activities will fashion art elements and automobile culture fusion in 2020 open design marketing “enjoy life” strengthen and fine young family2020 VEZEL Enjoy life design exhibition in different periods with different trendy gameplay dialogue young groups lead the new trend of car marketing believe,In 2022, VEZEL will continue to occupy the C-position in the small SUV market with its strong power, intimate configuration, and better understanding of the needs of young people.