Let mianyang taste more mellow

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“I want to let the wanderer taste home!”With the New Year just around the corner, Du Jun-bong, the general manager of mianyang Union Hall, felt relieved.Two months ago, in Yichang, 200 kilometers away from Xiantao, a hotel named mianyang Hall was opened for local residents to taste their hometown.Mianyang street “Liukou Opera Building”, by the opera building and catering combined.Du junfeng opened the restaurant in 2012, aiming to spread the local food culture further and wider.”Mianyang” was the name du chose to give diners the “warmth of home.”I applied for trademark registration three times, but fortunately it was approved smoothly.At the beginning of the opening of mianyang Guild Hall, traditional dishes such as nine-flavor table box and three steamed mianyang dishes were introduced.The nine flavor table box is full of local characteristics, belonging to the three courses of mianyang tea series. The dry tea box, the nine flavor table box and the ten large bowls are referred to as the three courses of mianyang tea.In the store, a taste of the nine-flavor marinated dishes, childhood memories suddenly spring up.Food carries childhood memories and sustains the eating emotions of the older generation.”It was not easy to launch the nine taste table box.”Du junfeng said.Taking photos repeatedly, looking for molds and restoring traditional wooden table boxes require pure handmade technology.He went to Zheng Field, MAO Mouth, sand lake and other places to find the old master to inquire about the size.Table box once launched, praise.People from wuhan, Honghu and other surrounding cities drive to the city on weekends to taste the taste of old mianyang.”There were old people who cried while eating in the store, and the smell made them feel like they were reunited after a long separation.”Du junfeng said.Nowadays, many hotels are serving this dish in mianyang Street.With the immersive experience of the taste of old mianyang, diners have a full sense of experience and acquisition.Such a scene, let Du Junfeng heart with confidence, the plan will be in the field to open a branch.Du Junfeng, who was born in the 1970s, has had a predestined relationship with diet since he was a teenager.In 1999, Du Junfeng opened a famous coffee shop on Daxin Road.He borrowed some of his 40,000 yuan start-up capital from friends and relatives.So Du junfeng started his business.After that, he also opened teahouses, guesthouses…In the catering circle, Du Junfeng has become bigger and bigger.”If you do it, you have to stick to it. There will always be a day when it is difficult to get through.”Du junfeng said.Du Junfeng also insisted on doing public welfare.Since 1999, when he returned to his hometown to start his own business, he has paid out of his own pocket every year to send love reunion dinner for the elderly, and free love reunion dinner and laba porridge for the disabled.He has been named outstanding volunteer of city Xiaoya emissary Volunteer service station for many times.In 2020, du Junfeng and his wife Yang Bo, regardless of their own safety, called on local cooks in mianyang Association hall to return to their posts and volunteered to provide free meals for medical workers fighting against COVID-19.Over the years, Du has been active wherever there is a need, and he feels it has been worth it.(Xiantao Daily reporter Luo Wanting, intern Wu Xueting) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn