Where do Olympic champions hide their gold MEDALS?Netizen: The one under the pillow is too real!

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China’s first Olympic gold medal he chose to go to the country in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles he a gunshot to the Olympic Games in China in the history of “zero” record of shattered the Chinese sports to out of the dust of history that he is a former Chinese man shooter xu haifeng made a significant contribution to China’s sports on July 29, 1984, xu haifeng won the China Olympic GamesHistory’s first gold medal xu haifeng, 27, 566 points for the Chinese delegation won a gold medal in the historic this gold medal, also announced to the world a new sporting superpower is quietly rising xu haifeng remember anthem flag moment then ioc President Juan Antonio samaranch said the award for him:”Today is a great day in the history of Chinese sports and I am honored to personally present this gold medal to the Chinese athletes.” The first gold medal means so much more than any other gold medal. According to the saying at the time, it is not uncommon for the first Chinese Olympic gold medal to be auctioned for millions.Xu Haifeng won the Olympic gold medal after only two months of his own donated to the National Museum of China’s First Olympic gold for someone instigate the sale of gold MEDALS Xu Haifeng laughed off not only the gold medal in the past witnessed his “most brilliant moment in life” love gun are now stored in the National Museum Xu Haifeng said:Achievement is the national culture of donated is normal not to donate only oneself, family and friends to see the museum national people can see liu xiang the gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games under the pillow on his captured in the history of China’s first gold medal in men’s track and field Olympic Games became the first man in an Olympic track and field sprint project champion of asians at the Osaka 2007 jinIn 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Liu Xiang crossed the finish line of the moment.He is the “flying man” Liu Xiang, who let the yellow race in the track and field straight short distance events out of the “indifferent” role. After the Athens gold medal, Liu Xiang wears the national flag.At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games men’s 110 m hurdles final pre-match underachieving liu xiang to 12 seconds 91 level created by Britain’s colin Jackson’s world record to win China’s first men’s track and field Olympic champion a “China with me, I in Asia are” has declared the men’s 110 m hurdles world project the coming of the “liu era” at this point,Liu Xiang, who just turned 21, stands on the podium at the Athens Olympics.Later, when talking about the experience of winning the gold medal in Athens, Liu Xiang recalled, “It is hard to describe the incomparable beauty of winning the gold medal in words. On the night after winning the gold medal, I hid the gold medal under the pillow and closed the doors and Windows for fear of losing it.Zhiyong shi with the gold medal to his girlfriend to marry him some gold have more important mission to end the national games after Olympic champion zhiyong shi back to shaoxing succeed in the national games gold medal he this is another important task that is carefully set proposal of marriage ceremony to propose to his girlfriend zhiyong shi knelt to personally to two gold medal and a gold medal in the national games on the girlfriend Chen Xiaodan two people around her neckAfter winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Shi Ji-yong shouted his love to his girlfriend: “I have kept you waiting for me to marry you!”Between some champion and his gold medal also has a funny in the Beijing Olympic Games athletes of rhythmic gymnastics champion Russia, shu garage sheena put gold in their own home in the apartment where she lived, however, unfortunately for her striking fire in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gold medal even ribbons after fire almost intact after it is reported that the Beijing OlympicsMedal ribbon made of 38% mulberry silk and 62% polyester chemical fiber double-sided fine jacquard after high-tech nano treatment waterproof, moth-proof, anti-fouling, fireproof never fade such a “gold inset jade” you love it?Behind every gold medal is the extraordinary effort of the athletes. If you had a gold medal, where would you put it?From now until February 1, every push on tuan Tuan’s wechat public account will send the cover of the limited red envelope of the year of the Tiger of the Communist Youth League Central Committee;Search “Central Committee of the Communist Youth League” on wechat, and 2,022 copies will also be delivered at 20:22 every night.