When the red film, abandoned after the birth of a girl, Song Dandan sister-in-law, 52 years old Zhao Mingming, how is it

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The entertainment circle of 90’s is an era of beauty in large numbers.Hong Kong and Taiwan star female stars you Sheng, Chow Wai-man, Chu Yin, Qiu Shu-chen, Maggie Cheung and so on.Mainland beauty is not to be outdone, Chen Hong, Gong Xue, Lin Fangbing, Liu Xiaoqing, Zhao Mingming and so on.Now speaking of Chen Hong and Liu Xiaoqing, we all know each other.But speaking of Zhao Mingming, many people are a little strange, because her acting career is really too short, only five years.Despite her short time, Zhao mingming created classic roles such as Kou ‘er in Woman Is Not the Moon, Zhao Feiyan in Han Palace Flying Swallow, and Jia Xiaofan in SITCOM I Love My Family.Zhao mingming was once married to Ying Ning, one of the “Three Masters of Ying Family”.What happened to zhao Mingming, 52, 25 years after her divorce?In March 1970, the zhaos’ third daughter was born in shenyang, a chilly city in spring.Her father named her Ming Ming.At this time in Changchun, there was a little boy named Ying Ning, just 2 years old.No one imagined that they would meet and intersect later.Zhao mingming’s father was a newspaper editor and her mother was a doctor, and the Manchu family was very strict with their three daughters.Zhao Mingming inherited the good genes of her parents. She is round and charming.Every time go out to see a person, Zhao Mingming is always praised beautiful and lovely, plus parents in every way dote on, invisible in the development of Zhao Mingming “egotism” arrogant psychology.Zhao Mingming, still in primary school, was called a parent for bullying her classmates.When she got home, her father asked her why she bullied her classmates.Little Zhao Mingming held her head high and said: I am the most beautiful girl, so they all have to listen to me.The father realized that his beloved daughter had become so unreasonable that she became angry with Zhao mingming for the first time in her life.Zhao Mingming had never seen her father so angry. Perhaps she was frightened and her temper and character became more restrained.A leopard cannot change its spots, this word is also very applicable to Zhao Mingming.When I saw zhao Mingming’s later life, I found that there was a great relationship with her childhood personality.In the 1980s, television became popular.Watching TV has also become Zhao’s after-school entertainment.Whenever Zhao sees beautiful actresses on TV, she thinks: I want to be an actress when I grow up.In 1987, Zhao Mingming was a sophomore in senior high school.That year, Zhang yimou went to the Central Academy of Drama to cast a leading actress for red Sorghum.He took a fancy to Gong Li, who was still in high school.Gong Li right now the object in the heart is big her two division elder brother he Zhengjun.Unfortunately, he Zhengjun and Gong Li campus love just a little fire, was put out by Zhang Yimou.Gong Li went to northwest China to experience life with the cast of Red Sorghum.Zhang Yimou and Gong Li became as famous as the Great Wall in China after the 1988 film red Sorghum became an international success.Zhao Mingming, who lives in northeast China, also became a fan of Gong li and decided to enter an art school.In the examination room, the examiners and teachers sat on a shabby chair, looking at the audience is performing a sketch of Zhao Mingming.Her performance is raw and authentic, and, unusually, devoid of any trace of performance.The examiners couldn’t hide their joy when they saw a good prospect.Performance to half, the examiner pressure excited mood, blunt under the stage Zhao Mingming put a hand said: “good, can!”Zhao Mingming looked dazed.That year, Zhao Mingming was admitted to the undergraduate course of jilin University of The Arts, majoring in performance, with the first place in the art examination.Meet love Zhao Mingming a school, with ultra high appearance level, attracted a large number of suitors.Arrogant Zhao Mingming didn’t like any of them.Once, Zhao Mingming had contact with Ying Ning because of rehearsals.Compared with other boys enthusiasm, Ying Ning is always a person silently in the side of the practice.A few rehearsals down, quiet, cold attitude of Ying Ning, and other students appear incompatible.Alternative kind ying ning inspired the conquest desire of Zhao Mingming.After the rehearsal that day, Zhao Mingming walked a few steps quickly to catch up with Yingning, who was about to leave, and said he wanted to ask Yingning for help.It turned out that the school was pursuing her too many people, let her very upset, she wanted to let Ying Ning pretend to be her boyfriend.The goddess said, there is no reason to refuse.Slowly, Ying Ning looked for Zhao Mingming more times.Two people come and go to each other good impression, false boyfriend became true boyfriend, talking about the campus love with vigour and vitality.This upset many of Zhao’s suitors, who told their teacher about their relationship.At that time, students were not allowed to fall in love, let alone these two were so high-profile.The teacher called two people to talk.Zhao Mingming did not hide, but also contradicted the teacher: we are in love.This impenitent appearance, but the teacher was angry, so called the parents of both sides.Zhao mingming’s father came to the school, but also failed.Father and daughter sat silent in the waiting room.Seeing the return bus is coming, Zhao Mingming plucked up courage and said to her father: Dad, you can rest assured that her daughter has never done anything wrong, and she will not do anything wrong to her parents. You and your mother should trust me…The love of Zhao Mingming and Ying Ning became a typical teacher’s lecture, and the general assembly will always mention a mouth.Instead of stopping the two young men, this approach brought them closer and closer.Go away a school demerit is not repentant students, her end is predictable.Zhao Mingming probably also predicted that he would not distribute too well.Therefore, she chose to take the initiative to leave the Northeast, becoming beipiao.In Beijing, men and women living together without a marriage certificate is always troublesome.Six days after graduation, Zhao mingming and Ying Ning got their marriage certificate, which was a demonstration to the school and a solution to the real problem.In fact, Zhao Mingming did not have to marry himself in such a hurry.If zhao mingming’s life had not been so hasty, it would have been a different ending.At this time of Beijing, there is a trace of warm wind.Yingning’s third uncle, Yingda’s father, was a successful artist;Ying Da and Song Dandan are famous directors and actors.A dashing rising screenwriter and actor.They could have gone to relatives and enjoyed the care of the British family.However, the two young people chose to stay in a dilapidated coal shed in yingjia.In winter, they wear cotton hats and shoes to sleep.They say: We need food but we need seeds more. Relying on others to give us food instead of knowing how to grow it will forever depend on others to survive.Indeed, you are a wimp, and no one will ever help you up.Soon Zhao was chosen by director Pan Xia for Woman Is not the Moon.”Kouer” made Zhao Ming Ming famous.However, Zhao mingming did not rush to take the role, but to shoot some commercials to accumulate material foundation.She felt it was tantamount to self-destruction to take too many plays and hang out with the crew.After Woman Is Not the Moon, Zhao began to try different roles, including Chu Xiaoyue in Kyoto Chronicle and Jia Xiaofan in I Love My Family.Zhao Mingming in “I Love my family” naturally not yingning’s relationship.After the “I Love My Family” hit, the three Brothers became “I Love my Family”.Yingruocheng as president, Yingzhuang as general manager, Yingda as artistic director, Yingning as advertising manager, Song Dandan and zhao Mingming sister-in-law in charge of public relations.The company is also filming films and advertisements.Joining the family company solved her financial problems, and Zhao no longer had to make a living by acting.Acting is no longer a means to achieve utility, but a lifelong career dedicated to it.Back in 1996, the cast of The drama began a nationwide search for a suitable actress for Zhao Feiyan.Far away in Changchun, Zhao Mingming received a long-distance call from Beijing: she hoped she could come to Beijing to meet with the director.Zhao mingming wanted to play beauty, but she did not think that is with Yang Yuhuan zhao Feiyan.”Ring fat yan thin”, Zhao Feiyan body light, can dance in the palm of the hand.Look in the mirror again not too thin oneself, Zhao Mingming immediately did not have confidence.Ying Ning encouraged her: fat is not a problem, the main you can play well.Within days, the couple flew back to Beijing from Changchun to meet the director Chen Jialin in Zhuozhou.Take makeup to try lens zhao Mingming shocked the director, how also won’t think of in those days of rustic “buckle son” already come to so bright yan shine on a person.The director said with a critical eye, “Your eyebrows don’t look like you. You have to move them.”Zhao4 ming4 ming4 candidly answer: “let me play I move, not suit me to play, I why want to move.”As zhao Mingming’s character.The director quickly called in the producer for a “review”.The next day, Zhao mingming got a reply: the producer has agreed, please come quickly.Although zhao Mingming after the emergence of many “Zhao Feiyan”, but not as good as the former.From “buckle” to Zhao Feiyan, Zhao Mingming’s acting has a qualitative leap, but her selection of script conditions are also more demanding.That is no matter how big the director, how high the remuneration, Zhao Mingming must be the leading role.There is a strict distinction between the leading role and the leading actress, even if the leading actress foil the leading man’s play, she does not accept.Such high standards also mean high risks.High in business, but low in love.06, lonely end zhao Mingming beauty and fame and wealth, but lost marriage.Spending less time together and spending more time apart is the bane of many celebrity couples’ marriages.Zhao Mingming and Ying Ning, the lovers who once envied evil spirits, did not escape the itch of seven years.After The film, Ying Ning began to complain that Zhao mingming was too busy with his career to care about his family.Zhao Mingming knew that Yingning career limited, in a bad mood.She considerate concession, not with Ying Ning dispute, also decided to return to the family, temporarily do not film.After the birth of her daughter, the quiet home was filled with cries of children, which made Ying Ning very upset.Faced with a daughter for a few months and a lover most in need of support, the cruel Yingning says he falls in love with someone else and asks for a divorce.Zhao Mingming never held his head high, no entanglement, frank divorce.The career of scenery, moving love, have become the past.Zhao Mingming lives alone with her daughter.It has been 25 years since the divorce, but Zhao mingming has remained single.Zhao Mingming once said: an actress can meet two roles that both herself and the audience are satisfied with in her life, which establishes her star status.If you make your debut in your 20s and create a brilliant role in your 30s, you can play it until you are 50 years old after your second hit.If you start acting one after another from the age of 20, you will lose your luster in your 30s.She is so transparent, and with the support of “Kou er” and “Zhao Feiyan”, her status in the entertainment industry is unshakeable.That’s probably why she quit acting.Beauty is old, and daughter together, is also a kind of happiness.