Binzhou Ruifu third estate project, again postponed

2022-05-06 0 By

Recently, there is binzhou Ruifu residential area first phase owner contributed to say, now the parking space loan is over, need to unlock, but the developer said that this should wait until the parking space of the third period of the project, to do together.When is the delivery time for Phase III?Third period owner express: delay again!Because binzhou city housing construction bureau “handle” iron director personally on-site office supervision, Binzhou Ruifu three real estate projects once let buyers see the dawn!This article was published on Jan 25, 2022. What’s the status now?According to the recently released construction schedule for Building 12, construction is scheduled until June 2022.It is understood that binzhou Ruifu phase three purchase contract agreed at the end of June 2021.Due to the epidemic, environmental protection and other factors have been delayed, in June 2021, binzhou Ruichen Real Estate Development Co., LTD., the developer, publicly released a reply on the delayed delivery of the Third phase of Ruifu Project, which described the progress of the community construction and agreed to deliver before December 31, 2021.On October 13, 2021, the owners of Binzhou Ruifu Residential Area phase III went to binzhou Housing and Construction Bureau to petition for a clear answer to the delayed delivery of housing.On the afternoon of the same day, Tie Jinfu, secretary of the Party Group, director and second-level inspector of Binzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, led a team to work at the site of Tianchang Ruifu project to investigate and supervise the delayed delivery of the project.Under the supervision of the site office of the director of iron, the developer promised to complete the construction by the end of December, and then pay close attention to the project acceptance record, and deliver the house for the owners of the house.Iron director stressed: the city’s urban construction service center to pay close attention to the progress of project problems, arrange special personnel to regularly schedule the project construction progress, guide and urge enterprises to speed up the project construction, delivery and use, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of house owners.On the afternoon of October 20, Tie Jinfu, secretary of the Party Group, director and second-level inspector of Binzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, led a team to the site of Tianchang Ruifu project for supervision, requiring more teams to grasp the progress, earnestly ensure the quality of construction, and promote high-quality progress according to the time node, and resolutely not to delay.The developer’s latest promise of 2021 has passed and ruifu Phase 3 has yet to be delivered.On January 18, 2022, the buyers collectively went to binzhou City Housing and Construction Bureau for letters and visits. The next day (January 19), the developer issued the Letter of Commitment, which should have the developer’s official seal and legal hand seal.The commitment has been extended for several more months, building 12 until June 30, 2022.To show its sincerity, the developer deposited 5 million yuan into the supervision account of Binzhou City Housing and Construction Bureau, and provided 11 houses as a supervision fund of 5 million yuan.The developer reminds the owner to sign a supplementary agreement as soon as possible after seeing the information, and at the same time explains that: from the date of delivery of this promise, the liquidated damages will be calculated at 1/10,000 of the owner’s total house price per day until delivery.This time the promise, I hope it will come true see binzhou release