Automobile beauty marketing management software to solve the marketing of customers?

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Constant Yida technology (181 micro 7233 electric 6615) 11 years of industry software professional experience, professional customized development of automotive maintenance management software, automotive beauty management software, etc., choose constant Yida automotive maintenance management software is your wise choice!Open a car beauty shop, if there is no customer, it means there is no performance, but for most car service stores, expanding customers is not a small problem.And the car beauty marketing management software has a variety of customer extension program up and down combination, quickly help stores to attract customers within a hundred miles of the door.E-coupon: through the car beauty marketing management software can develop a very good e-coupon marketing program.For example, push coupons in time after consumption, push coupons immediately after registration, push birthday coupons for members’ birthdays, push holiday coupons for activities and holidays. Push e-coupons to members in various forms to attract members’ attention and give them enough discounts, so as to enhance loyalty.Holiday marketing: the platform can directly release activities in holidays, marketing is more convenient and intuitive, the effect is better.Marketing promotion is more convenient, can be directly in the system background according to the holiday release what project discount information, attract the flow of people, or do red envelope marketing above, can also share the rebate, price marketing form.Sharing deduction and price reduction: customers who have consumed the shared information on the platform can share it to their social groups and moments with one click. Customers who have shared the information can receive consumption deduction vouchers or price reduction or receive gifts for their next consumption.Merchants timely remind and maintain through the intelligent reminder function of automobile beauty marketing management software, to help stores to ensure perfect after-sales service, so that every customer can experience the tender care of merchants, and improve customer loyalty and stickiness.Nanning Hengyida Network Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in research and development software, auto repair management software, auto repair beauty software, better help auto repair service store marketing.Companies adhering to the concept of science and technology, hard service.We hope to introduce new technology into the automobile service industry and make our contribution to the automobile service industry.