Shen Mengchen Du Haitao official marriage, love run for 9 years?Not really!

2022-05-02 0 By

Shen Mengchen Du Haitao official marriage, love run for 9 years?Not really!Seeing the news of their official marriage, my first feeling is to sincerely bless the couple.This is a very happy moment, so that countless netizens are also immersed in happiness and sweetness.The media of this overwhelming publicity, are saying that the two love long-distance nine years into the real fruit.Still, something is wrong.I don’t think nine years of love has been enough.Life is very long.There are also many people who have been in love for a long time and then walked into a happy marriage.However, to say that entering the hall of marriage, even if it is the result of marriage, I think it is still a little too far-fetched.Long distance love into marriage, in fact, is to go from one beginning to another.Marriage is a long practice for two people.Long-distance love is just a warm-up.The daily necessities of marriage are the real cultivation.How many celebrities get official divorces?!Divorce is the norm in the entertainment industry.Recently, there were four pairs of stars.Wang Lee-hom and Li Lianglei have been torn up to this day…Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying…Big Wang Xiaofei…Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian…Therefore, marriage is not the fruit of love.Hold your hand and grow old together, is!White prime minister with the sunset is!Looking through old photos and sitting around the fire!But I do wish this couple a real success!Also wish the world can truly achieve the people more and more!