Children’s Hospital of Guangdong New Year “gift package” : parents worry less, children grow up and learn

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Please sign for the New Year gift package: Parents worry less, children grow and learn both!The Spring Festival has arrived the winter holiday has been half of the children are still enjoying the festival happiness at the same time the new semester is also coming the new school year new hope parents hope children this year a child grow higher, faster study more focused, better grades more obedient, more worry but there are always some children no matter how parents and teachers disciplineAll “no” for parents to provide better help to children suggest parents now accept these New Year’s “package” let the children healthy growth at the same time also can better after the start of learning: ignore May 1, adhd children questions: tired, skipping classes, because of inattention, concentration is not enough, small classFrequent, often absent-minded, irritable, academic performance plummeted;2, short children: grow slowly, grow not tall, in the school is often laughed at by other students, bullying, and even excluded, isolated, psychological inferiority;3, psychological problems of children: disobedient, contradict parents and teachers, rebellious psychology is particularly strong, and even self-closure;4, language disorder children: because of language development delay, not clear speaking, poor expression ability, unable to communicate, can not imitate and learn, and even be persuaded to withdraw from school.Before the opening, in order to make these “problem” children get effective intervention treatment, growth and learning life can have more “security”, concerned about the next generation working committee career development center of China, guangdong TV station “big lingnan doctors” joint June 1 children’s hospital of guangdong province on February 5-13, to carry out the “back-to-school, child health escort action”, the children can enjoy 10%-30 per cent examination and treatment assistance.The escort activities in the opening season are mainly divided into: Learning difficulties Escort action Growth escort Action Language development Escort action Mental health Escort action If your child has the following symptoms, parents can apply for their child to participate in this escort action!I. Escort action for learning difficulties: Mainly for patients with ADHD and tourette syndrome symptoms.1, in class absent-minded, can not sit, small gestures;2, can not keep up with the teacher rhythm, can not master the knowledge;Sleep in the morning, always want to play every day, no mood to study;4, careless, do homework not seriously, often make mistakes;5, homework drag, even under the supervision of parents, but also always dillydallying to write homework, even while writing while playing;6, more active, always “naughty”, it is difficult to be quiet, but not to think about problems, solve problems;7. Wink, pout, nod and shrug;8, clear the noise, roar, hey hey sound, dog bark and other explosive abnormal laryngeal sound, or forced to speak some foul language.Ii. Mental health escort: Mainly targeted at patients with autism, psychological disorders and other symptoms.Psychological inferiority, do not love to talk, do not love to communicate with people and exchanges;Narrow interests, unwilling to contact new things, repetitive stereotyped behavior;Anxious, depressed, pessimistic, often a person in a daze;Social problems, eye avoidance, lack of name response;Difficulty understanding other people’s emotions and thoughts;Poor self-care ability, obvious learning disabilities.Iii. Growth escort action: Mainly for patients with short stature, precocious puberty, obesity and other symptoms.Not tall, grow slowly, increase less than 5 cm per year;Abnormal proportion of body, limbs and torso out of proportion;Two standard deviations and three percentage points lower than children of the same age;The amount of fat stored in the body is more than 20% of the ideal body weight;Excessive appetite, hyperappetite, excessive accumulation of body fat or overweight;Fat accumulation was obvious in cheek, shoulder, breast and abdominal wall.Girls before 8 years old breast development, pubic hair, armpit hair, menstruation, etc.;Boys before the age of 9, testicular volume increase, penis growth and thickening, beard, pubic hair.Iv. Language development escort: Mainly for patients with symptoms of language disorders.Children’s pronunciation is slurred;Unclear speech;Speak later than the average child;Can only simple word, such as will only say: dad, mom, bye bye;The speed of language learning is slow, even with a lot of effort can only learn to master a very small number of words;Compared with their peers, their expression and comprehension skills are obviously behind, which is manifested as inability to remember words and it is difficult to express them in a complete sentence.Some children may also be accompanied by anxiety, depression and emotional distress.The “Hu Yamei Children’s Fund” of the Business Development Center of China National Customs Commission has made great efforts to help escort health3. Unified assistance for the following language retardation treatment items 10%: Physical therapy 4. Unified assistance for the following growth and development treatment items 10%: Details of “Children’s Healthy growth Protection Action” in the opening season 1February 5-13, 2 (the fifth day of the first lunar month -13;The activity will be organized by the “Children’s Health Express” project of the Cause Development Center of the National Commission of National Security, Hu Yamei Children’s Medical Research Institute of Beijing, Hu Yamei Children’s Fund, “Lingnan Doctor” of Guangdong TV stationQuestion 2: Chronic diseases such as ADHD, tourette syndrome, autism, speech retardation, mental retardation, short stature, precocious puberty and obesity for children aged between 18 years oldScan the code to pay attention to “Guangdong Children’s Hospital official account”, click “online Services” to make an appointment: scan the code to pay attention to, you can make an appointment!MDT pediatric expert assistance: Free joint consultation Reminds parents: During the opening season, “Child Health Escort Action” is limited to February 5-13, 2022. During the activity, except for 10%-30% examination and treatment assistance, expert consultation fee of 900 yuan will be exempted.There is no limit to the number of children per day. Parents can make an appointment for their children to receive the “health package” through the above methods.