Fourth gate, mother and daughter of the human alien world

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“This panda can’t move?”A clear, sichuan accent of the female voice into the ear, panda Yuan Zi seemed to understand as if, rolled over, side to lie on the other side.Fish girl see round son so, can not help but issued a “ha ha ha” laughter, she has been depressed in the heart, see this situation, can not help playing in the zoo until it is dark, it did not give up to drive home.”Why are you so late?”The old woman was distressed, but scowled.Fish pushed open the door, actually saw his mother right lady, too lazy to take reason she, also don’t want to act as of old, she felt that really is too hypocritical, just like the emperor and his concubines, she is not her princess, she was her daughter, have the right to choose their own real attitude, marched straight to his room and eyelids lift.The fish is not heartless, mother Mrs. Right since she was a child in the name of everything is for her future good reason, according to their own will to make her into a role they do not like.She didn’t really like foreign languages. She pushed her to learn them.She likes cooking and painting, the fish has also right to Mrs Holding expectations, prompted their interest, but the mother Mrs Right did not see his daughter’s mind.It made the fish wonder if he was her own.Because doesn’t the book say mother and son belong to each other?There was a knock at the door. Mrs. Kwon was coming to check what she had done today.Suddenly upset, she shouted, “I’m asleep, don’t bother me.”Madame right pour some puzzling, just come in of time, not quite spirit of?I was so tired that I fell into bed.What’s wrong with the kid?