The film, which was shot in Changchun, was released nationwide yesterday.

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On February 25, click on the blue words on our movie “my heart is flying in the release of the salute to the games athletes sports drama is Olympic sports center in changchun skating center shot of the film” my heart is flying from China’s first gold medal of the games are winner Yang Yang and coaches XinQingShan together as a consultant, well-known filmmakers Xu Zheng as producer.The story tells the story of the 1980 Chinese delegation began to participate in the Winter Olympic Games, and repeatedly missed the gold medal, failure and unwilling to needle as merciless pain Chinese heart.In order to achieve zero breakthrough, Qin Shan (Xia Yu) set up to Yang Fan (Meng Meiqi) as a representative of the Chinese short track speed skating national team, facing the crisis was ordered to resolve a snow shame.Two people to the gold medal launch impact, mentoring relationship is also facing intense collision and heavy tests.Meng Meiqi, the leading actress, had no experience of ice sports before shooting the film. The biggest challenge was how to become professional quickly, while exercising and performing well, which was extremely difficult.Xia Yu, who plays qin Shan, the head coach of the National team, called Meng “a ruthless person”. He revealed that Meng took the initiative to put a stone in her skates and wear “special” skates to fly around the ice rink in order to truly show the pain of her foot injury, and finally took out a stone with blood.In order to portray the role, Meng meiqi put on 15 jin.The talent team once wrote about the first Chinese to compete in the Olympics to liu’s film “a people’s Olympic” (2008), China’s first Olympic gold medalist xu haifeng movie “xu haifeng gun” (2012), and the China’s first gold medal of the games story movie “my heart is flying”, to form the “Chinese Olympic trilogy”.As the final part of the trilogy, Flying My Heart was inspired by Chinese short-track speed skater Yang Yang.Yang Yang became the first Chinese gold medalist at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. She clocked 44.187 seconds to win the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal.It is worth mentioning that Yang Yang is not only the first Chinese winter Olympic gold medalist, but also the first Chinese short track speed skating individual all-around world champion.In her 23-year career, she won 59 world championships, the most of any Chinese athlete.The most exciting games in this exciting film were shot in the Ice skating hall of Changchun Olympic Sports Center in Beihu.At the just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics, Changchun became the only city in China to win gold MEDALS in both ice and snow events.◆ Duty director: Catkins