China Unicom 44,818 cloud servers: zte, Inspur, Super Fusion and other 7 finalists

2022-04-23 0 By

According to the official website of China Unicom, China Unicom today announced the 2022 cloud server collective procurement results, zte, Inspur, Super Fusion Fiberfire, Unigrolight and other 7 enterprises shortlisted.China Unicom said that based on the company’s strategy of “big connection, big computing, big data, big application and big security”, in order to meet the development needs of China Unicom cloud business and fully consider the trend of technology development, it started the centralized procurement of China Unicom cloud server.A total of 44,818 servers have been purchased this time, and the estimated budget is 327,7665 million yuan (excluding taxes).The project is divided into two bidding packages. The first bidding package involves 21 models, with a total of 43993 servers and a budget of 3,094.15 million yuan (excluding taxes).Bid Package 2 involves 3 models with a total of 825 servers and a budget of 68.25 million yuan (excluding tax).In addition, the number of winning bidders in the first bid package of this procurement is 2-4;The number of successful bidders in package 2 is 2-3.According to the selection rules, the winning enterprises of bid Package 1 shall be the top 4;The top three enterprises in bid Package 2.