Man kidnapped 30 years ago today in Chongqing, said: “my cousin found me when she saw the photos.

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Zhou Tianpeng, who had been abducted for about 30 years, met his biological parents, brother and sister-in-law in Xianlong Township, Yongchuan district, Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, On February 5.Before the Spring Festival, his cousin saw photos of his relatives and found that he was suspected to be his cousin who had been abducted for years.After DNA comparison, police finally helped Zhou Tianpeng find his parents.At around 11 o ‘clock on the morning of 5th, zhou Tianpeng had tears in his eyes as his neighbors were waiting by the roadside before his car arrived in the village. They talked with him warmly and cared about his current situation.Just into the village, the villagers set off firecrackers to welcome his arrival.After meeting his parents, Zhou tianpeng knelt in front of them and then hugged them and cried.Zhou Tianpeng released a number of videos to find his parents.On the morning of the same day, Zhou Tianpeng told that he and his family agreed to marry on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year after the police confirmed his birth parents.These days, he rushed to Chongqing Yongchuan from his workplace in Hebei province.This morning, his Cousins came to Yongchuan to pick him up and go back to the village to reunite with his parents.Zhou Tianpeng, 33, said he was abducted when he was about 3 years old and taken to his adoptive father’s home in Henan province, who is now dead.He had learned from his foster father and other neighbors that he had been bought.In recent months, he saw Sun Haiyang and his son get together, and Zhang Yangyang and her mother meet. He also wanted to find his biological parents.Prior to this, the person introduced, Zhou Tianpeng got acquainted with the relatives of volunteers, registered information.Since then, he has started Posting videos of his search, hoping to get more publicity and attention.Zhou tianpeng said a volunteer in Chongqing helped him spread information about his family.Before the Spring Festival, one of his cousin’s classmates forwarded the message on moments.Zhou’s cousin told him that she saw his 14-year-old photo on the 26th day of the 12th lunar month before the Spring Festival and felt like her abducted cousin, so she immediately contacted Zhou’s parents.The next day, Zhou’s parents took a blood sample.Zhou Tianpeng and cousin chat records.After an urgent police test, the results came out on the 28th day of the 12th lunar month. Zhou tianpeng’s DNA was successfully compared with that of his parents.According to a text message he received from police, his father, surnamed Zhang, lived in Xianlong Town, Yongchuan District, Chongqing, with his brother and sister-in-law and two nieces.”I missed my family so much that I couldn’t sleep all night.”Zhou tianpeng said he was thrilled to learn that his birth parents had been found.After contacting his cousin and sister-in-law, he learned that his family had bought him a bed and quilt, and his sister-in-law and cousin gave him red envelopes, expecting him to come home for a reunion. He felt “very warm.”Zhou tianpeng had already spoken to his parents on the phone.”Crying on the phone. My dad wanted to say something to me, but he didn’t.”He said he would talk to his parents when he saw them.Zhou tianpeng said that although it took a lot of time and energy to make the video, he didn’t give up. Along the way, many volunteers and netizens supported him and helped him achieve the successful result.In the search scene, from other places to the search, in front of the media and live camera, holding the missing notice, said their own story of the search.Zhou tianpeng said he would use social networking platforms to help more people find relatives.(source: The Paper) Editor: Sun Feifei more content please pay attention to the new Yellow River client.Search “New Yellow River” in app store, download and install.The new Yellow River flows with The Times!