I am at the scene of the Winter Olympic Games | the winter Olympic Games 179 torchbearer ancestral home in Anhui

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The 2022 Winter Olympics torch relay arrives at the Fulong Snow Resort in Chongli district of Zhangjiakou city on Feb 3.This is the only time the torch relay will be carried entirely on snow.One of the torchbearers is Zhu Bingxin, who is originally from Anhui Province.”I filled in the form in September last year and was officially notified to become a torchbearer in January this year.”Zhu Bingxin recalled.Zhu Bingxin is the fourth generation head of the Chinese time-honored brand “Zhu Fu Copper Art”, the master of Chinese copper decorative art, and the initiator of “Zhu Fu Yi Copper”.”Before my father moved to Zhejiang, his family lived in Huizhou (around today’s Huangshan City in Anhui Province).”Now, he carries copper crafts back to Anhui, in the “Copper capital of China” Tongling development career.Zhu Bingxin carries the Olympic torch.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is a global sporting event. As a craftsman, I feel honored and responsible to be part of the Olympic torch relay.”Zhu bingxin said he hopes the Olympics will be a platform for more people to enter the copper world and learn about copper culture and crafts.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay will be held in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou from February 2 to 4.The relay activities of Zhangjiakou competition area are mainly concentrated on February 3, with 5 relay sites, which are Nihewan Archaeological Park of Yangyuan County, Desheng Village of Zhangbei County, Qiaodong Industrial culture Theme Park, Fulong Snow Resort of Chongli District and Dajingmen of Qiaoxi District in turn.The theme of the torch relay in Chongli is “Passion for ice and snow”, which is intended to reflect the unique charm of ice and snow culture in the city of the Winter Olympics, as well as the vigorous development of mass ice and snow sports in the region and the enthusiasm for participation of the general public.(Xu Huidong) To Dawan Village “first secretary” to pass the Torch of the Winter Olympic Games in the second half of the Spring Festival is still heavy snow!The latest weather forecast is coming.Commend on New Year’s eve air quality in anhui “my” in anhui is good source | jung an online coordinating editor | ding edit | He Wenyi organizer | anhui provincial government information office, province letter platform construction and technical support | anhui new media group