How can a company car be your private car?What is the company policy for?

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At the end of the year-end summary meeting, the vice president, as the host, asked everyone if they had any other questions for feedback or consultation.In fact, this is just a random question, as the end of each meeting routine.However, unexpectedly, the sales department of the new xiao Lin raised his hand.The vice president took a look at Xiao Lin, a man he could not even call by name, but in front of nearly 200 people in the whole company, it was hard to refuse, hurriedly said: “This colleague, have any problem quickly say!”Xiao Lin slowly said, “Our business department has business vehicles, as far as I know, my business four this car is purchased by the company, for salesmen to go out on business for use, but I don’t know why this car became Lao Li’s private car.Many times recently, the car is not in the company, found the car was Lao Li drove home.Of course, there is no problem when he drives home at night. The key is that he does not open it the next day, but opens it for his wife.I applied for business car with the director, the director told me that my current level, there is no business, where the business car, Lao Li is the company’s sales crown, there is business that is called business car, finally I can only take a taxi to see the customer.However, when I came back to reimburse the expenses, the financial department told me that our business department has a special business car, and the company reimburses the money, so there is no such project as business reimbursement.”At that moment, the boss raised his head, looked at the sales manager and Lao Li, and found their faces uncomfortable.Kobayashi continued: “In terms of performance, the rest of us are really a little bit worse than Lao Li, especially for a newcomer like me, who definitely has no performance when he first comes to the company.That’s all the more reason to get out and run.However, the current situation, we can not use the business car, and the company does not reimburse the cost of going out, the result is that the more we run, the more we pay ourselves.In my opinion, since the company has a system, it should be implemented. According to the current situation, it is only a figurehead. What dignity does the company management have?”Later, the boss came out and said that he would investigate the problem and give an answer to the whole company.After the meeting, the boss asked the damage prevention department to conduct an investigation, which showed that what Kobayashi said was true.After getting the result of the investigation, the boss called in the vice president, the sales director, the heads of the five business departments, Lao Li, the financial director and the administrative director to discuss the matter.The final conclusions of the meeting are as follows: 1. According to the current situation, one business vehicle for each business department can basically meet the demand.The reason is that the city business is not much, to the city on business, driving is not convenient, temporarily do not need to add a business car.2. As for the business car of Business Department 4 being monopolized by Lao Li, both the supervisor and Lao Li acknowledge this problem and are willing to take relevant responsibilities.3. Finance and administration calculated the cost of taking a taxi out for Lao Li to use his car for his wife, and the cost was borne by Lao Li.In addition, Lao Li and business four department directors, each made a penalty of 1 thousand decision.Lao Li is indeed the sales champion of the company, and the sales volume in the past year has reached nearly 30 million yuan. The net profit of 30 million yuan has exceeded 5 million yuan. It is not to say that Lao Li alone can support the whole company.With high sales volume, the workload is also high, and the company does need to consider equipping people like Mr. Li with appropriate equipment to improve work efficiency, as well as the commuting time.The boss finally made a decision, as long as the following salesman can reach an annual sales of 30 million, the company directly equipped with an Audi Q5 for private use.Finally, when all the survey results and meeting decisions were made public, all the salesmen were satisfied with the results.After all, the boss was a smart man. He not only took advantage of the opportunity to solve the problem, but also made an important decision.Behind, I wonder how many people will work tirelessly for this Audi Q5.If someone does, the company purchases a car, the right to use it goes to the salesman, but the car is still an asset of the company.What’s more, the sales staff performance exceeded 30 million yuan, and the profit for the company exceeded 5 million yuan. Even if an Audi Q5 was excluded, the company would make a profit without loss.Let everyone have goals and work towards them, even if they don’t, let everyone move forward, stimulate everyone’s passion.