Rizhao tourism fun seaside attractions, great circus, forest park introduction

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Rizhao has a lot of fun tourist attractions, here mainly recommend some coastal attractions worth playing, as well as the surrounding where to eat and live, which do not step on the pit of seafood restaurants and so on.Ocean Park rizhao Ocean Park consists of two main venues and a number of interesting outdoor excursions.The price is 180 for adults, 130 for students and free for children under 1.2m and seniors over 70.There may be some differences between online and in-person ticketing, so you can see for yourself.Ocean Park in all ocean parks, the average level, suitable for children to play.2. Wankou Scenic area is free, where the water is very clear, the color is blue, the beach is golden, there are also small shops selling snacks or souvenirs in the scenic area, the price is more expensive, do not recommend to buy.Ten thousand mouth scenic area has another advantage is developed transportation, whether it is very convenient to eat or stay.Accommodation, according to their economic situation to choose to live in a high-grade star hotel, such as five-star Sheraton, Blue Ocean Hotel.Or stay at an affordable chain hotel, such as Home Inns or Shangkeyou.There are also many seafood restaurants nearby, which vary in price, freshness and taste.If you want a satisfying, authentic seafood meal, you are advised to choose well-known restaurants.For example, known as rizhao people’s seafood canteen parity chain chocolate fisherman, five-star Sheraton cafeteria (cost-effective general, good environment), Jiaodong seafood front Wang Yuan seafood restaurant.Lighthouse scenic spot is also free of charge, the most famous is the lighthouse, the night scene is particularly beautiful.It is also a reef area, and it is recommended to swim here.4. Sunrise East Sea Show is a very interesting love story show, you can come here to experience a visual feast.After the show, there will be a beautiful fireworks display. Make the Sunrise Oriental Sea Show your last stop of the day.5. The cast and crew of rizhao Forest Circus come from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.The performance is rich in content, including songs singing, comedy, acrobatics, dancing and so on, all wonderful.Rizhao Rizhao National Forest Park is known as the “Hawaii of the East.” In addition to high-quality sandy beaches, rizhao Rizhao National Forest Park also boasts pristine forests.When you are tired of playing at the seaside, you can also go to the big forest behind nature.The intertidal zone here is also very wide, more than 200 meters, relatively safe, novice suitable for swimming here, the elderly and children here to play in the water is also relatively safe.