Jun Yao Toyota 3 sets to dazzle special offer 0 down payment date for 52 yuan

2022-04-21 0 By

Snap up hotline: YARiS L family comprehensive upgrade, save worry more brilliant!Shine on!Large trapezoidal front grille, large surrounding body, LED light source stereo front and rear headlights, advanced leather seats, new TPMS tire pressure monitoring, reversing image, reversing radar system.Interior optimization, configuration synchronization upgrade!LED light source stereo front and rear headlights, 8-inch multimedia central control display, new TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, reversing image, reversing radar system.(1) Call gift: network customers call the store to send exquisite gifts;② Surprise gift: some models to high comprehensive discount of 7000 yuan;Car booking can hit golden eggs to win small appliances;(3) Replacement gift: free evaluation, Guangdong province’s car for new benefit car purchase policy;(4) Financial gift: an ID card to drive home a new car, 0 down payment to buy a car, the day for only 52 yuan;⑤ Activity gift: network customers can provide a free “in-car air environment purification service”;★ Provide doorto sign a single or to the shop to buy a car reimbursement and other services, so that you buy a car more time and worry ★ hotline: address: Foshan Shishan Town nanhai District foshan first ring north Bo Ai road station entrance side road